Friday, November 02, 2012

happy friday to you {to the tune of the birthday song}

are you singing happy friday to yourself?
i hope so.

elijah and i sang it earlier before i took him to school.
after taking patrick in for a work meeting, we went on a date.

chocolate milk for him, peppermint mocha for me.
and maybe petite vanilla scones were involved.
we drove to school and enjoyed our treats while we waited for time to go inside.
the transition to school was difficult today, as it's been all week.

this week. oh mercy. this week.

first of all. it's mos def wear boots every day weather. amen.
the purple ones are winning so far, as they're the tallest ones i own.
i have so much trouble adjusting to the cold at first. then, before you know it, 
anything above zero feels nice.

lots of tears at therapy this week. my son hates the hand bike. 
i try to stay hidden while i wait for him, because if he sees me, he jumps off and runs far away. 
this week, i forgot to hide. 
when they came out on the bike, i had to go along with them, so he'd stay put. 
it was nice really. i mean, he's a pretty cute bike rider.

i hope you know all about stephanie and her fancy shop.
she is a talented soul, and i just adore her! this print from her shop is in our bathroom.
it matches perfectly. and it's a great reminder. bathtime is zero fun for elijah lately. 
so in the midst of screaming and water being thrown at me, i see this truth. 
and i remain calm. praise jesus for his word!

i had the beauty book this week, y'all! read all about it on danielle's blog.
for over a year i've known it was coming. and i even had my words all written out, carefully and from my heart. 
guess what. searched everywhere, couldn't find what i'd planned to add to my pages.
so, i prayed. and i just wrote. a few minutes later, i prayed over it again, 
and packed her up to mail to the next beautiful girl! i hope you're in on this. 
these pages are pure blessing and beauty!

sometimes we pick patrick up from work way past bedtime.
and sometimes we are suckers when the little voice from the back chants "fries! fries!" 
as we're leaving the parking lot. it's a shame that five guys is next door to patrick's work. #notreally

elijah enjoyed a halloween nap. soon followed by a visit from cinderella, or his cousin ivy. 
it's hard to know for sure.

we took a little walk around the block last night. 
a solid twenty minutes prior was spent tricking this kid into wearing a coat. 
it's twenty degrees and he doesn't seem phased at all.

we're expecting a little snow this weekend. i hope we actually get it!

what are you up to?

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  1. First, love your new blog's soo cute! Also, your little man has a great smirk, he always looks like he's up to something :)

    Love your purple boots and I'm jealous of your cold weather!

  2. I like all of this.
    I like that picking up dad from work can involve fries.
    I like the great pumpkin.
    I like that you aren't sure if Ivy or Cindy is visiting. Questionable.
    I like that you got a red cup.
    I like the handbike. Even though EG does not.
    I like your purple boots.
    I like you.

  3. your photos are too cute.

    below 0, never. never. NEVER.

    i want to sit in the back seat of your car and chant, "fries, fries." (but not when it's cold. never ever).

  4. your posts melt my heart!! today you had me at peppermint mocha in a starbucks holiday cup! :) and the purple boots...LOVE! oh sweet adorable sleeping child! and so thankful our God is MIGHTY TO SAVE!
    happy friday to you too :)

  5. I'm all over Five Guys fries too. Those things are so good- even past bedtime!
    Elijah is such an adorable little boy. I'm sorry that these past few days with school have been rough- he is tremendously blessed to have a mama like you who loves him so dearly and fights alongside him!!

  6. well, obviously this post has adorable written all over it...

    eg and ivy? so cute.

    I wish you hadn't mentioned those dang fries. It's 10:38 and the closest Five Guys is a solid hour drive away.

    Well, my dreams shall be tasty... if my toddler ever goes back to sleep.

    And your snow is killing me.


  7. hannah. i love that print. love love love it.