Wednesday, October 08, 2014

by the sea

if you follow me on instagram, you know i enjoyed a beach trip with my girl gang. patrick is a sweetie and he encourages me do this trip once a year. 

this year we traveled to the seaside/seagrove, florida area. oh, how i've missed the gulf coast! there's nothing sweeter, i think. my getaway was exactly what i needed. i also needed all the incredible food we prepared and ate together. you need to make these and this immediately. and maybe these for dessert, but measuring is important. ahem. ;) i'll carry this trip with me forever. bustling in the kitchen together, floating carefree in the ocean, exploring cute shops, mad libs, talking, crying and so much laughter. i'm grateful for this precious time with my people.

"there is nothing i would not do for those who are really my friends. i have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” jane austen

until next time, summer. (we love you forever)

we blinked and it was gone. 
i feel like we didn't say goodbye to summer. not properly, anyway. labor day was sneaky and quick, closing our beloved community pool and signaling the unofficial end of being sunkissed and laid back. now that things are finally settling since our move, i'm glad for photos and memories of the last few months. because let's be real, our summer was crazy all the way. even though it flew by, i really feel like i breathed it all in somehow. this summer mattered. when i think about all we survived, accomplished and enjoyed, my heart could burst. glory to god and cheers to our first summer's end in the south! we made it.
kindergarten is weeks into its daily grind, the floaties are tucked away in our lonely swim bag until further notice and i'm scrambling to find sleeves long enough for my growing boy child. there's a chill in our mornings now, and i'm not complaining. we're welcoming autumn's crisp color, schedule changes, soups and cardigans. i am soaking up this new season, and aim not to blink it away. 

Friday, August 15, 2014


we've just finished our first week of kindergarten! i say we, because it's clearer than ever, this is a team event. we're all in, and we're in it to win it.
a few thoughts from week one:
elijah did wonderfully his first day, considering all the overwhelming changes he faced. the rest of this week has been ok. the thing is. kindergarten is hard. being away from home all day, unfamiliar routines, new faces, smells and sights. i wish i knew how to fully meet every single one of elijah's needs. how to perfectly inspire, calm and comfort him as he tackles this new season of life. i just don't have all the answers for him, or myself. 
i wish elijah could answer the questions i ask when i pick him up from school. i battle anger and fear, at my not being in control and not really knowing all the details of his day away from home. are people patient with him? kind to him? is he happy, fearful, tired? this week i've struggled with anxiety and felt a bit alone. processing all this new. and really feeling overwhelmed along with elijah.
but the lord is with us! he's hemmed us in and covered us with his peace. we'll keep praying when we're tempted to worry. keep encouraging and celebrating elijah and praying for his teachers. we'll keep thanking jesus for each day, and trusting him to make them good. 
i'm excited to see elijah grow with each new week at his awesome new school. hopeful for little friendships to form and skills to be discovered and sharpened! i'm so proud of our brave boy. he continues to teach me so much.

Friday, August 08, 2014

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Monday, August 04, 2014

new week news

the day after the day of rest. why am i always so exhausted on mondays? elijah's been shouting for food since he hopped out of bed this morning, and complaining about anything i offer him. clearly not as hungry as he's claiming. bless him. we're sleepy, a little lazy and a lot happy. it's a great day!
we painted a little, elijah loves painting. mostly he loves swirling his brushes in the water cup. i love watching him choose colors. "now how about this one!" "ok, now this one!" "hmmm what's next? I KNOW! blue!"
we exercised a little, which is as chaotic and dizzy-ing as you may imagine. elijah does everything with extreme fervor and it's a bit contagious. i mean, you better keep up or you're getting hurt. he's very enthusiastic and cheers us on, i love it.
i worked a little in my shop. which means our dining table is covered in beads and brass.
i listened to this sermon.
kept my glass full. i'm addicted, don't try to help me.
browsed this pinterest board for something new.

tonight, i'm going to a prayer time with ladies from my new sunday school class. i wish i could explain how happy this makes me, and how good god is.
tomorrow patrick is off from work. we have an appointment to take elijah to his new school to take a little private tour. next we'll swim and maybe visit the zoo.
tomorrow night, i have another prayer time/dinner. i'm bringing a salad, i think, hence the pinterest search today. this get together is for the moms of special needs kids at church. to pray together for our kiddos as they get ready for school. again, i can't grasp the goodness of god in this flood of encouragement through our new church family. hallelujah!

how was your monday?
i hope your week started well, if it feels like it didn't, that's ok. tomorrow is a brand new day and the lord is there ahead of us, with a mercy well that never runs dry.