i'm a wifey, mama and sinner saved by grace.
coffee, bold color, hip-hop, laughs with friends, books and cupcakes strike my fancy.

my name is hannah rose singer, i was born in pensacola, florida. mississippi was my home for seventeen years, 
eastern shore of maryland for ten years, then north dakota for almost five. we've recently moved to alabama! love it.
i am a follower of christ, and grateful for his relentless grace and redemption in my life. i need jesus every day.
i'm the oldest of four children, my two brothers and one sister are some of my very best friends.
i'm wifey to patrick, my favorite man. we laugh a lot and stay up way too late.
in 2008 i became a mama to my sweet elijah grey through adoption.
i make jewelry, i'm an etsy shop owner.
meeting new people is one of my favorite things.
i love instagram.
also, disneyland. christmas. #favorites
i'm gluten intolerant. #notfavorite #imisskrispykreme
i'm learning about parenting an autistic.
i drink my coffee black, and often by the potful.
i write the small group devotional for the hope spoken conference, find last year's here.
i love watching movies and binge watching shows on netflix.
i like mexican food, coffee mugs, washi tape, shiny things, buttercream frosting and the muppets.
i'm an outgoing introvert. i love really getting to know people.

a few posts to get started:
i have a food addiction {more on that here and here}
i sometimes share bits from my devotions here
and please say hello in a comment or email, i'd really love to know you right back.