autism journey

elijah was officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in january, 2012.
although we feel like we've already been on this road forever, our journey has just begun.

my desire is to document a few of our victories and emotions as we follow this new path.
most of all, i want this to be a portion of our record of god's faithfulness to us.
praise jesus, we've felt him close in this sometimes difficult, but beautifully heart-stretching circumstance.

>>> <<<

i share often on instagram, ways autism is blessing me
i'll link a few posts here, as they happen:
additionally, i'll label everything i share about our journey for easy access.

my darling friend katie shared a wonderful post on beautifully rooted:
this is something i'll always cherish and be encouraged by. check it out!

my prayer is that you'd find encouragement through my sharing here,
and be equipped with specific prayer requests for us as well!

i appreciate you, and be sure to say hello!

 the lord appeared to him from far away.
i have loved you with an everlasting love;
therefore i have continued my faithfulness to you.
{jeremiah 31:3esv}