Tuesday, November 24, 2015

my thanksgiving

i am one of those people, i truly love every season of the year! now, late fall (thanksgiving!) and soon easing into winter (via christmas!), is top of my list, best. 2015 has already felt at least twenty months long, we're over it in many ways. something happened in my heart recently and i am ready for thanksgiving. i am ready to celebrate what god has done and is doing in my tiresome-confusing-lonely-beautiful-sweet circumstances. because in all things i am to be grateful. 

rejoice always,
pray without ceasing,
give thanks in all circumstances, 
for this is the will of god in christ jesus, for you.
1 thessalonians 5:16-18

not necessarily for all things, but in all things.
we moved south eighteen months ago and if i'm real about it, only now do i feel a glimmer of being "settled in". one year and one month of this time has been spent house hunting. that feels like an eternity. a crawling, disappointing eternity. for whatever reason the lord has kept us in an apartment instead of a house, i need to trust him. his best for me rarely looks like what my best for me would be.

how about this spring, when elijah was diagnosed with pediatric follicular non-hodgkin's lymphoma? was that best for us? not in my dreams. the lord brought that to us and is bringing us through it. he's so far keeping elijah cancer free, and the three months between each checkup are a perfect time to be laying our weights down at the feet of jesus. he is bigger than anxiety and the crusher of fear. we lean hard into him and cling to his truth.

god is working his best for us in his perfect time. he makes good things sweeter and hard things lighter.

as we inch closer to thanksgiving day, my heart is so full! i want to record just a few marks of god's goodness here:

my husband and his staying power, at work and home.
elijah's sky-rocketting progress at school. his widened vocabulary and joyful, gentle spirit.
our church family. regular, faithful preaching of god's word and a heart for local and global missions. our church's service to the special needs of my family.
new friendships blooming. old friendships strengthened.
hope and healing for a broken heart and confused mind.
elijah's teacher who spotted the lump on his neck. the wise and gracious staff at our wonderful children's hospital. the opportunity to see them every three months. 
a way to work at home, being creative and providing for my family.
autism. a mystery that draws me closer to jesus, a gift that gives me compassion.
god is with us and he keeps his promises. the mostly crazy ways he shows me that is true.

lord, i thank you! for who you are and what you finished for me. help me to rest in your enough-ness. give me strength to hold fast to you. show me again the wisdom of your ways above my own.  draw me close to you. give me a grateful heart in you, every season of my life.

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