Friday, August 21, 2015

god made all of me - the next book your family needs

i'm so excited to share this book with y'all! and the amazing pre-order offer below!
perhaps you've been curious or anxious about how sexual assualt has or potentially will affect your family. i know, we don't enjoy thinking of these things! but we must think about this, and more importantly, take steps to keep our children safe.

our family is so passionate about sexual abuse prevention and aftercare and we're glad a book like this is coming available! 

having been sexually abused as a child, i want you to know: never assume your children know how to keep themselves safe. never assume they know they can come to you and talk about anything at all. educating yourself, developing safe bonds with your kids and sharing all you know will change their lives. this topic shouldn't be awkward or treated with whispers. evil and shame lurk in the secrets. i hope you'll begin healthy conversations and routines with your children to let them know how much god loves them and wants them to be safe!

this book will be a fantastic tool to help you help your kids.
god made all of me: a book to help children protect their bodies is the latest from justin and lindsey holcomb, releasing september 8. in these pages you'll find hope and help, through important facts, scripture and examples to encourage your children to know their bodies and keep them safe. 

education is crucial to preventing inappropriate sexual behavior or contact. as parents and caregivers, we can be smarter and better prepared than those who wish to harm our kids we love and want to protect! god made all of me teaches safe touch, secrets vs. surprise and how to ask for help.

it's impossible to protect our families from the evils of this world. we trust the lord and the wisdom he gives if we seek it, to equip us for whatever crosses our path. you are the best defense for your kids. small and powerful book will guide you to giving your little ones a positive, straightforward understanding of their precious bodies and how to keep them safe.

the holcombs have shared an incredible pre-order offer for you!
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this book would make a great gift for your relatives, teacher or pastor!

we all believe our children's safety is important. we take care to teach traffic safety, swimming safety, fire safety, etc. let's be intentional and proactive and add their personal/body safety to that important list!

praying god uses this little book to make you more aware and more secure about your kids' protection.

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  1. Thanks for share this book, it's beautiful illustrated and the topic is not an easy one to explain for us like parents, but i'm pretty sure that the reading will help tons!