Wednesday, November 05, 2014

my little defender of the universe

halloween isn't a huge deal to me. i can love it or leave it. it's fun though, to decorate, eat candy and see cute kids in costume. maybe i do love halloween?
elijah pretends to trick or treat often, at home throughout the year. he loves dressing up in costumes and he's very into to "spooky" things and loves all things bats, ghosts, pumpkin. his tune changes a bit in real life halloween time though. he's timid about wearing costumes out of the house, and actually walking up to a strange door, knocking and speaking "trick or treat!" is easier when in pretend.
this year, elijah and patrick browsed amazon for a costume. this was best for everyone, taking elijah costume shopping somewhere just felt like a bad idea. elijah had his heart set on voltron: defender of the universe. as always. his voltron from christmas a couple years ago is ridiculously small, but he's been loving it hard until the end :)
we went small and trick or treated at the library and one little neighborhood street. it was perfect for elijah and he had so much fun! the weather was very halloweenie, blustery cool breezes and leaves crunching underfoot. it was a great night. we made it home in time to watch our favorite, it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. 
we're so proud of elijah for stepping out and being brave on halloween!


  1. Hello Hannah & Patrick,

    I am so happy that I found your sight. I have missed you very much. Please let me hear from you very soon.

    Love & prayers, Uncle Demp