Wednesday, October 08, 2014

until next time, summer. (we love you forever)

we blinked and it was gone. 
i feel like we didn't say goodbye to summer. not properly, anyway. labor day was sneaky and quick, closing our beloved community pool and signaling the unofficial end of being sunkissed and laid back. now that things are finally settling since our move, i'm glad for photos and memories of the last few months. because let's be real, our summer was crazy all the way. even though it flew by, i really feel like i breathed it all in somehow. this summer mattered. when i think about all we survived, accomplished and enjoyed, my heart could burst. glory to god and cheers to our first summer's end in the south! we made it.
kindergarten is weeks into its daily grind, the floaties are tucked away in our lonely swim bag until further notice and i'm scrambling to find sleeves long enough for my growing boy child. there's a chill in our mornings now, and i'm not complaining. we're welcoming autumn's crisp color, schedule changes, soups and cardigans. i am soaking up this new season, and aim not to blink it away. 


  1. I was just thinking--"I wonder when will Hannah start posting again?" hooray! Thanks for taking time to share! Love you. DD

    1. yes, i was thinking the same thing :):):)