Monday, August 04, 2014

new week news

the day after the day of rest. why am i always so exhausted on mondays? elijah's been shouting for food since he hopped out of bed this morning, and complaining about anything i offer him. clearly not as hungry as he's claiming. bless him. we're sleepy, a little lazy and a lot happy. it's a great day!
we painted a little, elijah loves painting. mostly he loves swirling his brushes in the water cup. i love watching him choose colors. "now how about this one!" "ok, now this one!" "hmmm what's next? I KNOW! blue!"
we exercised a little, which is as chaotic and dizzy-ing as you may imagine. elijah does everything with extreme fervor and it's a bit contagious. i mean, you better keep up or you're getting hurt. he's very enthusiastic and cheers us on, i love it.
i worked a little in my shop. which means our dining table is covered in beads and brass.
i listened to this sermon.
kept my glass full. i'm addicted, don't try to help me.
browsed this pinterest board for something new.

tonight, i'm going to a prayer time with ladies from my new sunday school class. i wish i could explain how happy this makes me, and how good god is.
tomorrow patrick is off from work. we have an appointment to take elijah to his new school to take a little private tour. next we'll swim and maybe visit the zoo.
tomorrow night, i have another prayer time/dinner. i'm bringing a salad, i think, hence the pinterest search today. this get together is for the moms of special needs kids at church. to pray together for our kiddos as they get ready for school. again, i can't grasp the goodness of god in this flood of encouragement through our new church family. hallelujah!

how was your monday?
i hope your week started well, if it feels like it didn't, that's ok. tomorrow is a brand new day and the lord is there ahead of us, with a mercy well that never runs dry.


  1. hi. i've missed you in this little blogging space.

  2. so very cool how God has connected you to a church family! we are still visiting, but the one we like does have a special needs program. I was sharing with my husband how its almost less important to me at this stage if I'm fed (though that is so hugely important too) but to be able to partner with a church to disciple our kids. huge. and esp a church that understands special needs. rambling....happy you guys are getting settled in!

  3. Hanna,
    Your words mean so much to me. I'm very thankful to be reminded of God's mercy new every morning. Every time I visit your blog I leave feeling better than I did. You are a blessing.

  4. the sweetness of community! hooray!