Friday, August 15, 2014


we've just finished our first week of kindergarten! i say we, because it's clearer than ever, this is a team event. we're all in, and we're in it to win it.
a few thoughts from week one:
elijah did wonderfully his first day, considering all the overwhelming changes he faced. the rest of this week has been ok. the thing is. kindergarten is hard. being away from home all day, unfamiliar routines, new faces, smells and sights. i wish i knew how to fully meet every single one of elijah's needs. how to perfectly inspire, calm and comfort him as he tackles this new season of life. i just don't have all the answers for him, or myself. 
i wish elijah could answer the questions i ask when i pick him up from school. i battle anger and fear, at my not being in control and not really knowing all the details of his day away from home. are people patient with him? kind to him? is he happy, fearful, tired? this week i've struggled with anxiety and felt a bit alone. processing all this new. and really feeling overwhelmed along with elijah.
but the lord is with us! he's hemmed us in and covered us with his peace. we'll keep praying when we're tempted to worry. keep encouraging and celebrating elijah and praying for his teachers. we'll keep thanking jesus for each day, and trusting him to make them good. 
i'm excited to see elijah grow with each new week at his awesome new school. hopeful for little friendships to form and skills to be discovered and sharpened! i'm so proud of our brave boy. he continues to teach me so much.


  1. Rings a bell, Hanna. I can remember like it was yesterday wanting to know EVERYTHING that happened to my son during his first few days in kindergarten. What was for snack ? did he finish it ? oh, white milk or chocolate? hehe It does take some getting used to ! Hang in there ! May God continue his blessings ! I love your posts because your faith is so real, I struggle with that.

  2. Hannah, my babies don't have autism but I couldn't have said this any more perfectly. XOXO.

  3. it's so hard growing up :( love you guys!

  4. i CANNOT believe he's in kindergarten. unreal.

  5. How is school going lately for this little cutiepants?

  6. Praying for Elijah as he experiences Kindergarten!
    And praying for you as you walk him through it, from a distance.
    You are an amazing mom, Hannah.