Monday, July 28, 2014

two weeks until kindergarten

i've lost count of the days, but this boy has been sweet company every bit of summer so far. i don't want these days together to end! he starts school very soon, which is awesome. i'm trying to view it as more time to rest and get things done, instead of time apart from elijah. because truly, nothing is getting done and i get no rest right now :) but i do love it.

i'm going school supply shopping tonight, that really makes things feel real. and expensive. ha!
the kindergarten transition is difficult for every family, add autism into that sea of emotion and it feels like i'm drowning. plus we're in a totally new school system! we did a lot of research before we moved. we chose an apartment just a short drive from the school we wanted for elijah. it seemed like everyone was directing us to this school, assuring us it would be a wonderful fit for elijah. we prayed and prayed, and the lord gave peace. days after arriving in our new city, we registered elijah for kindergarten! it was great to see the school and meet a few faces, and it felt really right there. but. i've been struggling with anxiety over this whole thing.

nobody knows elijah here. will staff really be able to give him what he needs? will he be encouraged in his abilities? will he be overlooked? will he have friends? unending questions really. and sadly i don't always pray about them first, i just fuss and fuss over them and get myself all worked up. ridiculous! you know what? god is so kind. in my weakness, he showed up with more peace and encouragement. 
we attended a dinner at the pastor's home of the church we've been visiting. it was such a good time, meeting people and getting to know the pastor and his wife. i was chatting with the pastor, he asked about elijah and we started talking a bit about autism. a lady nearby overheard us, and when i turned around to refill my coffee cup, she introduced herself. she said something like, "you were talking about your son? about autism? how old is he?" i shared that he was entering kindergarten and told her which school. then she told me she works at his school. she's a speech teacher for the preschool. she then told me about the teachers there, about how many are believers and do bible study together. praying for the school. she told me how they really love the students are are super good about assessing needs and meeting them. it was so good to hear this from someone who works for the school. my eyes were welling with tears, and i worked hard not to start a messy weep fest of relief. i tried to keep cool and just tell her how awesome it was to hear this about elijah's new school! i told her how anxious i was and she kept encouraging me about everything.
these small little bits of conversation were a giant wave of comfort to me. it was like god telling me to just. chill. out. he's in control. he knows more about what elijah needs than anyone else, including me, and he'll see to it that those needs are met. always.

first thing tomorrow morning i have a meeting with the special education director and other staff. i'm excited to connect and discuss this new adventure elijah will begin soon! if you think of us, please pray for wisdom and clear understanding as we make plans for elijah. 

two weeks until kindergarten!


  1. Oh Hannah. I so get all of these feelings. He's going to rock it - I know it. Love and miss you.

  2. yes! He loves elijah more than anyone else can love him so He must have good stored up for him there!

  3. i love you hannah. praying for you, patrick and elijah--these pictures are so great! happy you've had a pretty good summer