Wednesday, March 19, 2014

that time my friend flew in

aside from family, no one has traveled to visit us here in the great north. that changed last month when one of my best friends flew in from new york. and yes, she came in february. to north dakota. the weather wasn't awful, but certainly cold and windy enough to get a true picture of our life in the igloo.

we made the most of our quick two and a half days. lots of food and laughing was involved. you may not realize this, but we have a hoppin' little downtown. plenty of fun/quirky places to eat and drink, an adorable movie theater and cute tree lined streets. i tried to make sure danielle got a good dose of my small town. and she did haha one of my favorite memories of danielle being here though, is of elijah calling her name or saying a thousand times in a row "where's my daniel?" when she left the room. (he's still asking!)

there's a lot i could say here, if i had the time. i'd expand on friendship and how important it is to keep the best people close. when you find kindred spirits, nurture those relationships. when someone comes along who understands you, encourages you, and inspires you to love your family more, you make time together a priority. no matter the distance between yourselves. god is kind to knit hearts in such a way.


  1. What a wonderful and beautiful friendship! I love that you guys got a great visit together, even if it was quick.

  2. friendships knit by Him are the best! he is so kind to give us kindred spirits!

  3. what a friend! and what a treat for each of you to get some treasured time together.

    i just heard yesterday that ND is hiring 20,000 people, and has jobs available in a variety of areas. looks like a lot more folks are going to be heading your way!