Tuesday, March 18, 2014

celebrating five

i'm so behind on blogging, so i'll also use this post to say, elijah turned five in december. i'm still not dealing with it well, this speedy passage of time. and yesterday the true reason for this post we celebrated elijah's adoption day. five years ago he became an official singer boy! adoption is such a gift. i'll admit to you that i half suspected it to feel "ordinary" as we celebrated this year. but no! spending the day with my family, reminiscing, laughing and having fun, it wasn't ordinary. five years later we are still overwhelmed with thanks, still feeling the butterflies in our tummy that we. have. a. son. it's special. and as long as i have breath, i'll continue to celebrate this gift god gave us. every year. and every day


  1. beautiful hannah! happy FIVE years :)

  2. Five years old! Such a sweet boy - part of a beautiful family.

  3. unbelievable.
    and unbelievably wonderful.

    i like your story. and elijah's story.
    thank you for telling them. :)

    love you.

  4. why do these years have to fly by?!? he's precious...and I love how you celebrate each day...always finding something special. love that.

  5. love. praying the butterflies become sweeter with each passing year and with each passing mercy and grace and goodness and love.
    you are lovely, hannah! may God continue to be glorified through you. i know He will be. praying for you as your prepare for "hope spoken."
    praying for God to MAGNIFY Himself through you, and to draw each women into deeper intimacy and confidence in Christ. XO