Friday, February 14, 2014

this is love

it's valentine's day. for us, this year, that means patrick has been at work all day and still isn't home. we have hopes for a late great dinner, and that's something i've been looking forward to! elijah's been a perfect little sweetheart, we've had fun making messes of all sorts.

last weekend we had a small party with friends. elijah confused it all with a birthday party, which really made it even more fun :)

we prepared treats for classmates and teachers. elijah's class had a pajama party and show and tell. he brought his prized giant squid toy and his newest transformer-a valentine from his papa.

my guys gave me many sweet treasures, my favorites were the big hugs.
so far, in all its pink and red hue, this day to celebrate love just a bit extra has been wonderful.

"love means doing all we can, at whatever cost to ourselves, to help people be enthralled with the glory of god. when they are, they are satisfied and god is glorified. therefore loving people and glorifying god are one.” john piper


  1. That John Piper is a smart guy. Looks like you guys had a lovely Valentine's Day. Hope your late dinner with your hubby happens!

  2. i think you did valentine's day just right. you are mighty good at this loving thing. :) miss you, and i guess that's strange given that practically speaking, you're still just a blog visit away...but somehow the missing is more from here.

    have a beautiful, God-glorifying week, my hannah.

  3. Love this...E is the sweetest, love that scripture, and now I want a frosted cookie.