Tuesday, February 04, 2014

green smoothies are delicious.

also, sometimes green smoothies are not green.

during the month of january, i drank a "green" smoothie every day. sometimes twice a day! soon i hope to have time to write more about my goals for this year, but the idea here is, monthly goals instead of a resolution for the entire year of 2014. anyway. january was green smoothie month. before coffee, smoothie. it was serious, y'all. so serious and awesome, that i'm still doing it. green smoothin' it every day, and enjoying coffee in the afternoon.

what's your inspiration? why "green" smoothies? health benefits! and the fact that, for whatever odd sensory reasons trouble me these days, i'd rather drink a big salad than eat it. starting my day with a healthy blast of goodness seemed like an easy way for me to go further with improving my food habits. i have had a clearer mind, clearer skin and just generally felt great! i did manage to catch a bad cold, but i didn't feel dead with it, as i have in the past. 

what makes a smoothie "green"? greens. greens make them green. 
let me take you straight to the professionals. i cannot recommend this site highly enough: simple green smoothies. i don't remember how i found them, but so grateful i did! their green smoothie 101 is the best place to begin, if you're interested in and easy health addition to your life! their formula and blending tips are perfect! "green" smoothies seemed gross to me, i think because i didn't know how to make one delicious. here's the secret to the goodness: 

2 cups leafy greens + 2 cups liquid base + 3 cups fruit

that formula makes two servings. when patrick wasn't around to enjoy one, i just saved the extra portion to have with my lunch! i switch up my greens, between kale and spinach. spinach is a clear favorite. for my liquid base i prefer coconut milk, but you may use water or almond milk if that's your thing! i use frozen fruits. frozen fruit makes it way cold and yummy. blackberries and mixed berries are my favorite there. for extras, protein and booster things, i like flax seed. cocoa powder, nut butters and cinnamon are good too! i found i didn't like peanut butter in my smoothie, so i sometimes eat a spoonful on the side :)

i hope you'll give this formula a try! or perhaps you have some favorite recipes/combinations of your own to share?

for a treat, several afternoons a week i've been enjoying this "fake shake". not a green smoothie, but it's almost like a chocolate milkshake. almost. my girl carina shared it with me, praise the lord for her.

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (i love ghirardelli!)
2/3 cup frozen banana 
(frozen makes it so creamy-i should say, i don't even care for bananas, but they make this shake!)

blend and enjoy. 
low calorie and amazing!


  1. We love smoothies too...the banana cashew one is delish from Real Simple's site. I made it for my oldest son who needs to watch what he eats - he loved it. The trick is soaking the cashews a while and then they blend smooth!
    here are more:


    1. thank you for the smoothies101 rec....totally trying these after reading more (and Carina's fake shake!)

  2. You have such good food habits, AND you make it look so pretty! Getting excited to hug you at Hope Spoken :)

  3. Green smoothies are one of my favorite things to make. Whenever I make a smoothie I add spinach. I love that you can't taste it. :) Martin even likes them.

  4. Because who wants to eat a salad when it's freezing outside!? But the green drink almost tricks you into thinking it's a treat ;)