Monday, January 13, 2014

hello, hello!

two thousand and fourteen.
nothing feels right. i'm having such a hard time, entering a new year! maybe it's because so much of the old year is still stuck to my boots. you know, how some things just won't shake off? even though you try hard to move on ahead. without them.

i think i am ready for a new year, just not ready. i'm feeling unprepared, and maybe like i didn't finish everything i thought needed done last year.

well, no matter. the sun has set on twenty-thirteen, whether i was prepared to leave it or not. there's an abundance of empty calendar squares to fill. new days will dawn. and i'm so glad!

some things are only stirrings, and some things are settled. but everything this new year holds will be ordered by the lord, and that's soothing to my anxiety-prone heart. 

"resolutions" aren't something i do very well. i have mapped out a few things to focus on this year, one month at a time. i'll try to be blogging more often, to help keep myself straight :)

for today, i just wanted to say a quick "hello". i hope your new year is already full of learning and loving. we are easing back into routines and slowly coming off the christmas buzz. and by slowly, i mean, our tree is still up. and lit as i type this. christmas is a good holiday to prolong though, yes?

(speaking of christmas, it feels like christmas as i'm getting ready to reopen my shop! lots of cute new stuff coming on wednesday, january 15!)


  1. i feel the same way as you about everything in this post. thanks for nailing my thoughts down. i needed that! love you. we can do this new year, one day at a time, by HIS GRACE!

  2. Happy New Year, Hannah!! Missed you!
    Those flowers are so fun, can't wait : )

  3. I was just thinking about you this morning, praying all is well for your sweet little family! Can't wait to see the new goodies on Wed!

  4. I cannot wait to see more of your new pieces! Excellent way to describe 2013...still stuck to your boots. I can totally get that! Here's to shedding 2013 and embracing 2014!

  5. hi hi. :) glad i'm reading this late because that means i only have to wait one day til the shop reopens. ;)
    i like the look of things around here. :)

    hugs to you, friend!

  6. just catching up. what needed to get done got done for the year, what needs to get done for this year will get done for this year. providence.
    xoxo. love you.

  7. appreciate your perspective... I'm always so eager to dive into the new year, but I think it's just my addiction to fresh starts and grace and do-overs :) love your images and easing-in, ready-or-not heart! <3