Wednesday, November 20, 2013

you're my favorite.

"the world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." william b. yeats

oh, elijah. you were so great at the grocery store, holding my hand and listening. not running, though i could tell you wanted to so badly. you named all the fruits and veggies you knew, and asked about unfamiliar ones. you picked the best apples. near the bakery counter you found the most hideously decorated cookies and declared them "beeyu-huh-pull". it took a lot of convincing, but you chose plain old chocolate chip. i loved having you at the store with me.

i want you to know that i love having you with me everywhere. you remind me that it's good to have company. it's good to have a flexible agenda, and it's ok if things take extra time. 

you surprise me sometimes, with a super cuddly mood. you remind me then of when i snuggled you all day long. when you were a tiny baby. i tried so hard to imagine you at this age. i wondered what you'd love playing with, i wondered how your voice would sound. i dreamed of doing all the fun things together. boy, do we do fun things!

we do hard things, too. 
you help me to be better at hard things, elijah. you show me what perseverance looks like. you show me how to forgive quickly. you help me see that laughter comes again. your laugh is my favorite. really, your everything is my favorite. i'm grateful for your bright eyes down to your ticklish toes. i just love you so much, and can't tell you enough. you are my best.


  1. this is sweet hannah.
    you have a real good one on your hands. :) real good.

  2. you are the best mama. and you have a sweet sweet son. xoxo.

  3. you are amazing. i so love your heart. and your little man is precious!

  4. "really, your everything is my favorite." :) love.
    his smile is so bright.