Thursday, November 14, 2013

simple christmas countdown calendar

christmas is my most favorite holiday. it's what my life hangs on.
jesus coming to this world as a babe, all to redeem an undeserving wretch like myself? amazing grace.

as time draws near to celebrate the birth of our king, i think it's fun to countdown the days!
a couple years ago i threw together a little advent calendar to help my family countdown to christmas.

last year, i thought it'd be fun to make another simple one, and i shared it elsewhere...
today i'm sharing it again right here. 
i'm hopeful this easy project and activity ideas may inspire you 
to add an activities calendar into your advent celebrations!

materials used:
silver metallic paint pen
one inch scalloped paper punch

i punched twenty-five happy little circles from kraft cardstock.
i had a ton on hand, you could use any colors you like.

i wrote festive little numbers on each one with a super fun metallic paint marker.

i think it's fun to have a little activity for each day leading up to christmas.
you can get really creative here!

we love christmas movies and baking, so movies and cookie making are on mine.
other ideas we love:
reading the christmas story from the book of luke...and children's bibles
sing a christmas carol and research the story behind it
go out driving/walking to look at christmas lights
make christmas ornaments
take a christmas treat to a neighbor
decorate the christmas tree...

if you know me, you know about my deep love for washi tape.

to be honest, it's a bit tedious to cover these short, fatty clothespins, but totally worth it.
i mean, look how cute they are!
for this one, i chose this simple red and white striped because i loved it with the green ribbon.

another area to stretch your creative muscles is trinkets!
party favor sections and dollar bins are great places to pick things up.
i feel like they don't have to be some long lasting heirloom, you know?
it's ok if they get lost or tossed aside after a week. 
the point really is to have a treat for the day. in my opinion, of course.
don't let me boss you around, but these are a few fun examples...
i have a little boy, so i probably won't be using a purple shimmery heart bracelet.
my son loves jingle bells, chocolate coins, chapstick, clips, dinosaurs...

a gift card is a fun has the cutest ones of all time!
you could make an activity for "shop for a family in need" 
and use the giftcard to pick out gloves/hats/books/snacks together to wrap and give away!

you'll also want to keep in mind as you load your little baggies...the weight.
choose fairly light items, and spread them evenly throughout your calendar.

gather some ribbon, craft stores always have it discounted this time of year.
i chose green grosgrain(again, what i had on hand), 
but use whatever colors you love or match your home, if you're into that sort of thing :)

your countdown is ready to be displayed on december 1st!
if you don't have space to hang it straight across anywhere, cut the ribbon.
hang it in two parts together, just as cute!

this is a super simple one. i think it's fine this way,
but you could decorate it further with an ornament on each end, 
bells, a garland strung along with it...totally up to you.


  1. isn't it truly the most wonderful time of the year??

  2. So fun! Those clips are adorable - haven't seen those before : )

  3. This is simply adorable, so adorable and simple I might just do it! <3 to you and the boys