Monday, November 25, 2013

heavy on the gratitude, light on the whine

i'm thankful that the autumn season lasted for as long as it did. 
the leaves turned warm colors and held onto their branches, looking all golden in the sun. the leaves have now been carried away by frigid winds, all gold has turned to white. winter is here. extra blankets, uggs indoors and a constant kettle on. 
in my dreams i just sit around all day, rotating coffee, tea and cocoa, watching my son play. christmas movies and music on repeat. holiday meal planning, making gift lists and sorting wrapping supplies. smiling and relaxed. enjoying myself quite a lot. perhaps you know this dream?

real life is different. my real life is waking before the sunrise, clinging to the warmth of the bed as long as i can. real life is feeling in a steady state of crazy with appointment making, appointment going, managing three schedules with one vehicle and speedy shopping trips-that i never remember my list for. real life is faster than my wishes. real life doesn't feel too fun or relaxing sometimes. many days, i don't feel like giving thanks. sometimes i'm yelling my complaints too loudly to notice the gifts in the midst.

i need to hush. mouth closed and my eyes wide open. i need to see. 
because i'm sure to forget his goodness even after i've written these words, i'm expecting much from god. i'm calling in his promises of faithfulness and grace. upon grace. upon grace. i'm believing that i am weak, and he'll use me. i'm trusting that what's impossible in my mind, is simple work for him. and it's even already done.

this week i will listen for the song of his great mercy and let it drown out the dirge my selfishness too often chooses to whine. although there are countless gifts i've to count in thanks to jesus, the greatest is himself. and that's what we'll celebrate extra this thanksgiving week. christ and his daily making us new. freedom, rest and joy in him. starting there, with grateful worship, hearts become light and eyes brightened. we see that real life, including all its difficult bits, is a treasure. that's where jesus is. worship through gratitude helps us notice the blessings as big and the troubles small. worship brings perspective, peace and hope. worship brings more worship!
i'm grateful for god's grace when i forget him and breathe grumbling instead of thanksgiving. this week, i'm leaning into him, praying for a gratitude attitude.

"heading into thanksgiving week, our whine-worthy lists shrink in view of our worship-worthy lord. gratitude on steroids is due." scotty smith


  1. the greatest is himself... yes!

  2. me too, to all of this. i am deeply familiar with that particular daydream...and also that steady state of crazy. :)

    'i'm believing that i am weak, and he'll use me. i'm trusting that what's impossible in my mind, is simple work for him. and it's even already done.'

    love you, and this, and Him. especially Him.

    happy thanksgiving, hannah.

  3. This post reminded me of the song "Grace Upon Grace" by Sandra McCracken. Have you heard it?