Wednesday, October 30, 2013

hello, lately.

apples from elijah's therapist. she brought them from her tree because she knows they're his fave!

i know it's been quiet here. i simply have no time to write in this space.
if you're on instagram, i try to share a bit there as i can, come say hello!

i'm here though. in the thick of motherhood, wifey life, 
and especially occupied, working hard toward a writing goal for an upcoming conference
when that's completed, you'll have more words from me :)

for now here are a few peeks from life lately:

pumpkin patch finds.
and this and this for treat times.

post office visits.

neighborhood walks and talks.

play with my friendly ghost. who sings christmas carols.

coffee shop break.

and sunset chasing.

can you believe it's almost november? it's the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. hi. :) blog reading and commenting slacker here.
    glad to see this little catch up.
    thankful for instagram and the way i really am able to keep up, a bit.

    God Bless that USPS pic, it's my absolute fav.

    that ghost is kinda spooky. ;)

    halloweenie hugs to you!