Friday, September 06, 2013

grace is a story and a gift.

"grace is god's character and it is our hope. grace is a transforming tool and a state of relationship. grace is a theology and an invitation. grace is an experience and a calling." 

i'm reading a book that i think you need to read too. broken down house by paul tripp. 
not only my environment, this world i live in, but me. i am a broken down house. this book is full of truth and wisdom, to help us see how to live productively in our 'broken down house'. how to function joyfully while we live through the restoration process that jesus is working in our hearts and lives until we meet him in glory.

the freedom that comes through grace is the best gift i've ever received. really, i'm still receiving it. grace is ongoing, yes? jesus withholds nothing good from his children. and while his restoring work in us is sometimes quite painful and messy and difficult, it's possible to rest during it all. praise jesus for his strength to uphold me!

"come and hear, all you who fear god, and i will tell what he has done for my soul." psalm 66:16

i have the honor of sharing a portion of my story with the hope spoken conference coming to dallas in march. i hope you'll make plans to join me and so many other amazing women. we'll share the gospel through our stories, worship and devotional time. like i've mentioned before, this conference is for every woman and sure to bless you. tickets are still available to purchase right here. can't wait!

enjoy your weekend! i'll be back next week, lord willing. we have plenty of catching up to do! xo


  1. Hannah, I've missed you. If you're like me, it takes a while to re-acclimate after some time away. I almost always go into hiding for a couple of weeks when I return from visiting my family in Michigan. I was glad to see your face again...and, yes, we do have catching up to do!

  2. What a beautiful {truth filled} quote!

  3. i'd go JUST to meet you. because your heart prods me on. xoxo!!

  4. have i mentioned that i can't wait for march?

  5. I'll be leading a small group for them. Excited to meet you!

  6. so very cool you are speaking there!

  7. Hey, how have you been? I have not stopped by in a while and thought I would say Howdy!!
    I hope all is well in your world! Happy Fall to you and your lovely family.