Wednesday, September 25, 2013

can't live for blogging, i guess

i have to say, i does feel nice to be missed. in answer to the emails/texts/comments, i am ok! right now there are just about a hundred other things in line ahead of blogging. my advice to friends who fret about not having time to blog is always the same: actually living and enjoying your life is more important than documenting it. so, that's what i'm telling myself. we are here and we are doing things. for example:

good times with elijah. a bit of art, a bit of park play, and reading our awesome books. what a sweet vintage find, huh?!

in addition to speaking at hope spoken in march, i'm also a part of writing the devotional content. i'm feeling inadequate and scared, but i know that's a great place to be. fully in the lord's strength. i'd love for you to join me in prayer over it all. that we would magnify and glorify jesus with every word and minister to the women who read!

we don't have a lengthy autumn season here in the great north. so when it so quickly presents itself, you get out and soak it up. 

i shared one of my favorite posts on my sweet friend nat's blog. go say hello!

i have something super fun coming in a few weeks. remember last year's handmade holiday market? i'm hosting it again! stay tuned, i'll be introducing the shops very soon :)

speaking of shops. mine is wide open, and there are crazy markdowns in the sale section this week! 

enjoy the rest of your week! tell me something great about yours so far!


  1. "Actually living and enjoying your life is more important than documenting it."
    Preach dat!!
    Love you, Hannah. You're so real, it blesses me all the time.

  2. Take in the wonderful season while it's around!

    Uncle Remus! One of our favorite series of books is Jump!, Jump Again! and Jump On Over! full of Brer Rabbit and his antics. We read Brer Bear and the Goober Patch yesterday. My favorite. ;)

    Hope your Holiday Market goes well.

  3. You're great.

    Also, I literally got on my computer to see if you were doing a gift guide this year. You read my mind.

  4. i agree wholeheartedly that life comes first before blogging! esp when you've been blogging a while, right?!