Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a little bit of lately

i had planned to do my usual ten on ten photos, but i forgot until just now. so instead, we'll just catch up a little with phone pics.

elijah started school. his first day began with stopping for dandelions on the way into class, and huge hugs for his favorite teachers. for the most part, he's had fantastic, productive days! transitions are difficult, as usual, but he's really been a champion. we're very proud of him. 

art class is one of his favorite things about school. elijah loves painting the most i think.

we've been enjoying snacks. i'm doing well with my choices, praise jesus. and elijah usually does, too. sometimes though, a kid just needs a puffy, pink iced cookie with sprinkles on top. amen.

elijah and his cousins had some sunny playtime at the newest park in town. what a treat to live close to my sister!
my mama visited for a few weeks. sadly, i can't find that i took any pictures. i know my sister did, so i will steal some from her asap! one thing we did while she was here, switch beds around.

my parents gifted us a new mattress set. this means that our old mattress would go to elijah. he was over the top excited for his "big new bed". he carefully helped me load his sheets into the wash, and make the bed just right. sleep is a chore for our sweetie boy, but we're so happy for him to have a new space to lay his little head. and jump 'til he drops.

sundays are for treats around here. most recently, a gluten free berry cobbler and the best cookies of all time. also gluten free! these cookies are so legit. they make my being gluten intolerant the best thing ever. my best friend made them a few times while we were in seattle. delicious. oh. sweet. mercy. 
and. speaking of seattle. i went there for five days with my best girls!! i will share more about that soon.

it was a gift. to be with friends, relax, laugh, eat, sleep, cry, eat, laugh some more. our rental home was incredible, and the views were decent :)

it's great to be home, with my favorite guys and our own beautiful views. i usually see plenty of pretty from our downtown apartment. but there are days and nights i need to venture out a bit to really get a good dose of god's work. my husband is such a sweetheart, and sometimes he helps me chase the sun before our dinner date. love him so.

my shop is open again! several new listings already, and there just may be more new coming soon :)

happy day to you, friends!


  1. so happy you got to have sweet time with your girls. and that recipe? i'm addicted. it makes me want to make wrong choices and just eat them all the live long day. eeeek!

    your new creations are amazing. like you. duh!

  2. The pic of eg holding his painting just warms my heart. Can't stop looking at it!

    Love the new earrings! You're awesome!

  3. Those cookies...I want to eat them everyday, they are gluten free sooooo that's ok right??? ;) So glad you had such a beautiful vacay with beautiful friends!

    PS Thanks for making such awesome jewelry, I'll take one of everything. But my pocketbook will take less than that. ;)

  4. e's art work and jaws shirt, WIN!

  5. hi hannah... there's a lot of happiness in these photos that you've shared... i love that elijah loves art... {art is my favorite, too}... he looks so proud in that photo! the berry cobbler... yum!!! and your chocolate chip cookie recipe looks like a keeper... that little recipe card is the cutest... i'm so looking forward to hearing more about your trip with friends... I was following along on IG and it looked like such a peaceful, relaxing and fun time!
    have a happy day :)

  6. I must make those cookies. Sometimes having to live gluten free is such a drag, mostly I just want a treat already! But it also forces me to make healthier choices, so that part is good.

    I think though, that I've found my weekend treat :)