Friday, August 02, 2013

i like these things

this poster. this has been my thought during the summer, and i'm pretty sure it's going to carry me through many coming months.

along those same lines, this is my fave. when i first heard it, i was all "hey, babe, are you really listening to this?" then realized that it was for me too.

having a major thing for salads lately. this one is the jam.

did i share this site yet? cannot even handle it. i have a set of postcards, which i may frame instead of mail.

summer in north dakota. my two favorite colors, blue and green everywhere. temps in the seventies. i noticed the other day, when i looked UP i saw things differently. the tree, my building. they were unchanged, but i had a new perspective on both. which applies to my every day, i think. sometimes i get so focused on a thing in front of me, or a circumstance i feel immersed and drowning in. when i look up though, calling on the lord to help me, it's all different. he gives strength and courage. 
let's look up more.

be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the lord! psalm 31:24

on the day i called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased. psalm 138:3

this video, produced by one of my faves. and the song is perfect encouragement for every day.

tomorrow is the last day to use this 20% discount code! happy shopping!

happy weekend!


  1. Yes, I too have been enjoying my break from media items, blogging...etc. these last couple months!! Love seeing my family in a renewed way, deeper every day. Enjoy! xoxo

  2. gorgeous song and video. i was so excited when i saw your salad link because i'm getting so tired of the one i make, and then i clicked and it was the one i make. LOL. i am dying. thank you. it's really good until you've had it for like 90 days straight. and that poster?! every blogger needs one.

    love ya!!

  3. LOVE that poster! Think I need it! Need to hang over...uhhh THE COMPUTER in the office.

  4. I've always loved Propaganda & that Be Present video? Excellent.