Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a note to my favorite teacher

hey, little eg!
man, we had a fun summer! really it was super hard most days. but we all learned so much. 
your words, so many words! each day we are understanding you better and better. and each day you're surprising us with new vocabulary. we love your voice. you enjoyed social skills camp and meeting so many new kids. lots of swimming and splash park time, i think you want to live on a water slide. 
one of my favorite things this summer has been watching you pretend and act out books you love. especially the very hungry caterpillar :)

elijah, you're so much fun to play with.

tomorrow is your first day of school! it's the same awesome school and even teachers you're familiar with, but this year will be a bit different. you'll attend the afternoon session instead of morning. that's not your favorite time of day, but don't worry. i know you will slip into this new routine and be a super student! i know you're excited about all the new boxes of markers and crayons you'll take into class. i can't wait to see what you create with them and your fun new scissors and glue sticks. you are really getting so great at cutting paper, i'm happy that it makes you so happy. 

there will be new friends to play and learn with, remember to share and give gentle squeezing hugs. you give the perfect hugs, elijah.

papa and i have already been praying for each day to be a good one, and for you to be brave and strong and kind. jesus is with you while you're at school, just like he's with you everywhere else. when overwhelming times come, we pray that you would feel jesus close and not be anxious, but be able to push through to the next thing. 
we are learning, just like you! you are our favorite teacher, elijah. you're being used to make us better.
we love you, have fun at school!


  1. Hannah, I love your heart and I love the way you love your precious little Elijah! God bless you and keep you all!

  2. this:

    when overwhelming times come, we pray that you would feel jesus close and not be anxious, but be able to push through to the next thing.

    hannah, that was for YOU.

    beautifully spoken, friend.

  3. Awe very sweet. Glad you had a good summer:)

  4. It will be a blessed year! Praying for you guys.😘

  5. i just read a post on desiring God about their tantrums being for our sanctification. it's so true. they are our teachers. God is brilliant and beautiful and so are our babies made in His image. love your mama heart.

  6. Beautiful, Hannah! I love reading your words.

  7. Oh Hannah, I feel like I needed to read this. Soon we'll be sending Claire off to her new school, no more preschool bubble for her, she's off to the big public school. I so needed to be reminded that Jesus WILL be with her. Praying for EG that his first day is fantastic. xoxo

  8. oh my dear, this is beautiful. :)
    you are such an amazing mama to eg.
    he is so blessed to have you!

  9. This is so sweet. What an amazing start, to be praying for your children together. :)

  10. you teach me so much about love.

  11. ahhhhh that last comment (from bethany) was mine. i'm redoing a friends blog and forgot to log out of her account. oops.

  12. i hope his first day is wonderful. and i feel comfort knowing jesus will be there with him. and i'm not even his mama. :) you guys are the best parents. :)

    love you.