Wednesday, July 17, 2013

you make time for what you want

i've written about bible reading before, and i'm thinking a lot about it these days. 
my pops gave me this little 'how to read the bible' sheet forever ago and i think it's a wonderful guide.

as i'm diving in deep with the lord and dealing with my contentment issues like i mentioned here, this seems another major key. scripture reading and memorization are crucial to my relationship with jesus and also crucial to my happiness. or contentment. my familiarity of and value for god's word determines my heart attitude. toward everything. 

how grateful i am, how loving i am, how compassionate i am...or am not. when i know jesus and his ways, that's what will be reflected in my life. not for my own sake of "feeling good when i do good" but for the glory of christ.

so, it's summer time, and i seem to have this lazy vibe happening. i don't only mean the stay in my pjs or go to the splash park every day sort of thing. i'm seeing a tendency to be lax in my zeal. to replace my time spent in the word with other things.

my husband
my son
my friends
my business
good books
good music
favorite movies

none of those things are bad, but they become so when i choose them ahead of jesus. these things, every thing, should flow down from jesus and my relationship with him. him first. all else secondary. all else.

sometimes i believe the lie that 'i don't have time for devotions'. i mean, it's busy over here. elijah isn't in school and his services have been cut back, so it's all hands on deck every moment of the day!

i made time to write this post.

i made time to photograph a peach for instagram. yes.

i made time to organize my beads by color.

i made time to scroll through twitter and click on an inspirational article about jesus.

i made time to watch a movie last night with my husband.

see what's up?
i do have time.
for exactly whatever the heck i want to do.

it's because i have it all backwards that i feel so short on hours in the day. i do all the stuff i need to do first, then think about meeting sweet jesus. only, how can i possibly be thinking much of him when i'm putting him at the bottom of the list. penciling him in. 

the god of the universe, JESUS. gave his life for me. and i essentially blow him a kiss as i walk out the door.
communion with him isn't something to check off lists. it should be the very thing we live and breathe. the beginning of all thoughts.

praying afresh every day, often many times during the day, "lord, give me a thirst for you first. give me the will to want to read and meditate on your word so badly i can't rest until i open it up!"

he answers. and i'm seeing him honor me, bless me. not necessarily with things or even extra time. he's blessing me with strength. with joy. with contentment. in him and through him.

i want that for everyone i know. for you.
have you spent time with your savior today?
or have you spent that time thinking about reality television or vacation planning?

right now is a great time to be with your maker. call on him.

turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and give me life in your ways.
psalm 119:37


  1. Excellent post and so true. Thanks for the vital reminder.

  2. This has been so me lately, and I keep justifying it myself because I did this or that. It's time for a heart change again ive been a little (or a lot) stagnant Thanks for the encouraging words. Everything feels lighter when I'm diving deep. It's time to put my goggles back on and jump in.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. This is exactly - EXACTLY - what I've been dealing with lately. Busy-ness and laziness put together. Lol. But for serious, wow. Thank you for being so open and sharing your heart, sweet Hannah. <3 God knew I needed this today.

    1. "Busy-ness and laziness put together" - that's the perfect way to sum up my attitude lately!

  4. Oooooh girl I LOVE this post!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this topic
    and that list! I need that list! (Maybe i'll find it online. If not I'll just copy it into my journal. =)

    You are an inspiration and everything you said is so so true.
    My best days (no matter what I go through) are the ones that start out with prayer & Bible reading/worship/journaling.
    When I give God the first fruits of my day, He honors that BIG time.

    This post hit home.
    Love you, Hannah!

  5. Hannah, you've done it again. Speaking the truth in love, encouraging me to draw closer to my Savior.
    My day just doesn't feel right when I don't make the time to start it in the Word. If it's important to me, I'll make it happen. And what's more important than spending time with the Lord?
    Thanks for this challenge!

  6. i LOVE this. thanks for posting a not-so-popular truth. i'm sharing it :)

  7. I'm so guilty of this... Of putting all my other "good things" before the Maker of the good things. Ugh. I always say I'm gonna change my habits but then I slip back... Feel a little like the Israelites in this areas, falling back to their idols when they have the one true God in front of them. Good words, friend:)

  8. such an INSPIRED post. thanks for the wise words. it's true. we DO have time to read our bibles!!!!

  9. yes. it's true. i'm feeling lazy too. thanks for the spanking.

  10. yes yes yes. the other night I had to FIGHT wanting to turn on the TV and/or pour a glass of wine because I knew I needed to spend time with HIM above all those things. when I don't do it first thing in the morning, it's a fight. I want my greatest passion to be spending time with Him! do you read the Jesus Calling devo by sarah young? the devo the day you posted this TOTALLY related!

  11. Such great truth! I'm currently reading a George Muller biography...he speaks so often of there being no such thing as "too busy to spend time with The Lord." Good hard truth.

  12. This is so good. I need that chart. I may have taken a screen shot to look back on. Thanks for sharing your heart!