Monday, July 29, 2013

this and that

frozen sliced strawberries in lemonade is my fave.
he's been working on kicks at therapy, he's pretty much a pro now.
climbing is his best sport.

started a a new little book that i am cherishing:

"we need to be aware of our limitations and to let this awareness work in us humility and self-distrust, and a realization of our helplessness on our own. thus we may learn our need to depend on christ, our savior and lord, at every turn of the road, to practice that dependence as one of the constant habits of our heart, and hereby to discover what paul discovered before us: 'when i am weak, then i am strong' (2cor.12:10)" 
j.i. packer, weakness is the way (book preview here, it's beautiful!)

i was so honored to be a sponsor this summer for whatever craft weekend
visit meg's blog for a 20% off coupon to my shop(and many others!) valid all week long! 

happy monday! joining my randoms here today! 


  1. Frozen sliced strawberries in lemonade is my fav too! :) Great pictures, happy Monday!

  2. i feel like he's been training well to be the climbing champion. i bet he is captain of the team, too.
    what a cute kiddo.

  3. I love ji packer. Sounds like a good one. And your pics are just lovely! Makes me miss the midwest :)

  4. These are beautiful pictures. I just found your blog from Carissa's link-up and love it. I think I'll stay awhile :)

  5. great candid photos. and love the name of your blog. Happy Monday to you!

  6. Just stopping by to say hello Hannah- I sure have missed you. Love all the pics. What a great quote, so very true. Knowing ones limits is something that I have only acquired after some years of not having good boundaries and not being able to say No. I'm so thankful to know now my human limitations and without a doubt it does bring me back to the power of Christ in me, the hope of glory!! Love you girl. Hope you are having a great summer!!