Monday, July 15, 2013

teeny tiny movies

if you didn't already know, i am addicted to instagram. they added a video feature, and it's the best! until it eats my cute video clips and they disappear. thankfully, i found the lost ones saved on my phone and was able to upload them to youtube. now i can keep them and share them with you.

enjoy our teeny tiny movies!

apple+banana | abc | care bear stare

sharp teeth

thanks for this day. and yogurt. and everybody. say amen.

are you on instagram? i'm @wifeysinger, come say hi!


  1. Priceless!! So glad you shared those! Loved being able to hear his sweet little voice! He's language is really developing!!!!

  2. I think my favorite is the balloon. Or the dinosaur. All around awesome.

  3. I'm LOVING these videos! Off to follow you on instagram! :) So fun to see Elijah come to life with a voice versus just in pics! Great videos! The prayer one is my favorite!!!! SO CUTE!

  4. I love all the teeny tiny movies!

  5. isn't instagram just the best?? love all your photos and videos!