Monday, July 01, 2013

new favorites

this is my new favorite pic of eg and me. 
we're seeing so much more of each other these days, and it's possible we're going a little crazy. he's extremely hands on. as in, always jumping, hanging, pulling or pushing me. after awhile that takes a toll on the nerves. but, this photo helps me to see that we really love each other and even like to be close :)

these bugs and frogs were laid out on the table for the longest time. right in the middle of something else, eg jumped up and ran over, flipped every one over as if a timer had gone off in his head to remind him. he counted them and muttered a few words. then he went back to his transformers.
his pretend play is off the charts awesome. it's so fun to watch him, and listen to whatever it is that he's whispering under his breath. we're seeing so much progress in this area, which is a huge encouragement. god is so good.

i met her on instagram. praise jesus. another mama who has a darling autistic boy. like me. on a similar road with therapies and searching to best love and understand her son well. she sent me this cd and i can't stop listening. her voice is soothing and her lyrics tell of jesus, his mercy and love. every song encourages me. please check out dear heidi wilson and her beautiful album, buy it for you and a friend!

another dear soul i met on instagram, y'all. sweet anna is doing a fundraiser for her adoption. she has a line of  bath and body products that are heavenly. i truly only ordered to help out with her adoption. and finding that everything was super lovely was such a sweet bonus. personal favorites are the very vanilla body butter and juicy lime body scrub, grape lip balm. ok, so i have a lot of favorites. the point here is this: order some amazing products for yourself, and it helps bring a sweet little boy home! wins all around. check out all the sweet scents at simply beautiful.

i want to know, what's something incredible you've discovered recently?

and p.s. in case you missed it, make sure you're subscribed! xo


  1. that heidi is such a beautiful talent. thanks for the introduction. xo!!

  2. Oh wow - her voice is beautiful. Thank you for the intro!