Tuesday, July 09, 2013

grab a cuppa and check these out

this print (my new fave!) from paper sparrow is on sale. don't sleep on that sweet deal!

diy photo playing cards, super love this idea!

this quote on tenderhearted evangelisim.

a prayer of thanks for the gift of good friends. amen.

three flavored water ideas.


  1. cute print! i love me some feathers and arrows!

  2. Ooo! Thanks for the flavored water ideas! I am trying to kick my Diet Coke habit and I'm almost 4 weeks down aspartame-free, but my ideas are running out. These are so great!! xoxo!

  3. can i say that you have been a gift to me? even though it's only via blog and not real life, but you often turn my heart heavenward, and i'm beyond grateful for that.