Friday, July 05, 2013

a good (independence) day

we enjoyed a low key fourth of july. didn't get many photos, just a few with my phone. it was a busy, fun time together!

ready for the parade. right outside our door.
afterwards patrick took elijah down the block to the square, where all the action was. i was able to finish getting ready for the day and they even brought me fresh cut fries.  

a festive touch here and there. using what i had worked out just fine!

god bless america. and gluten free pasta salad. my first time to eat gf pasta. turned out delicious!

my sister and her family joined us later in the day. elijah was beside himself with excitement. thankfully i had a funny little craft kit to help reign in that sweet energy :) 
ivy and elijah took it all very seriously.

can't even handle these two. no pics of hazel because she is scooting all over the place. 

hooray for family and hooray for freedom! happy birthday, america!


  1. good post--a parade outside the door! that's sweet! I love you, Hannah

  2. I love the picture of him waiting for the parade! It looks like he's trying to jump up to get a peek of the parade :)

  3. Def hooray for fam and freedom and great photos of the simple things!!:)

  4. Looks like a beautiful day!

  5. Oh goodness - looks like a wonderful time by all! I can't even get enough of that picture of Elijah loving on Ivy!

  6. my kids made the cup monsters recently too! and then the next day none of the pieces stuck to the darn cup anymore. did that happen to you, too? or did we have operator errors over here?! lol.

    love elijah's shoes. he's too cute. and hazel - seriously, love that name.

  7. wait, not monsters... superheroes. ours just looked more like monsters, i guess. ; )

  8. Ivy + Elijah, how can you even stand the cuteness.

    I think Elijah should get his very own parade!! Look at his hops!!!!

    God bless this, the US, and you!!!!

  9. oh my goodness i love the last picture of Elijah and Ivy! so sweet!