Friday, June 21, 2013

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major language progress here lately. elijah has been speaking in small sentences a bit, his favorite being "i want ice cream cone please" of course, i must give in to such a sweet request sometimes. suddenly elijah likes ice cream again? "dee issh ussss" he says. and i agree :)

been listening to one of my fave albums on repeat(as usual) this week:

when faced with adversity, your truth constantly reminds me that you command the seas with ease and with words, you turn a wind to breeze. helps me understand that we stand on a solid rock, not on sinking sand. through the providence of pain you perfect your plan.

enjoying the gorgeous weather. taking little walks and easy dinners. patrick loves snack foods as meals, and so do i! taco dip is a favorite. not so healthy, but it's for fun.
brown ground beef or turkey
add taco seasoning, keep on low heat
add tiny can tomato sauce
add can mexicorn or regular niblet corn
add block of cream cheese or cup sour cream, stir well, remove from heat
half mixture into baking dish
top with layer of salsa, layer of cheese
more mixture, salsa, cheese.
bake at 350 trwenty minutes/til bubbly
serve warm with chips!

tis the season to relax and play on our stoop. elijah shouts at anyone who walks by. usually something like "hey!! what doin here!!!" or "STOPPPPPP" kind things like that. haha.

i only own a few shirts. a few as in four. so i wear the same thing when i go out because it can't be avoided. i went to the post office on wednesday and friday. both days i was complimented on my shirt. by the same postal worker lady. it struck me funny. and now i laugh every time i wear the shirt. which is every day. almost.

super missing my family lately. they live on the east coast and we hardly see each other. i was especially missing my pops, and feeling pretty sad. the mail came and i opened up a book i forgot i'd ordered. we have a copy that's new, but this one is the best. it's perfect and exactly like the one my dad read to us from as kids. made my day smile right up. and it was so wonderful to start this book again with elijah. darling, helpful little devotions and scripture for little ones. it's my second fave to the jesus story book bible!

elijah finished summer session at school yesterday. their big focus this time was music therapy. he had awesome teachers, we thanked them with little summer-y happies. that i wanted to keep for myself :)

with school finished, we have plenty of this in our future! 

as long as it's not like this. 
all that white stuff, that blows around in our wild winds? it's from cottonwood trees. i've always had bad allergies in general this time of year. but this year i have been in major pain and had terrible irritations. the other day i actually became fearful, i had terrible chest pains for hours upon hours and i felt stabs with every breath :-/ turns out, i have pleurisy. at first i was wondering if some sort of other condition caused it. but the dr. seemed sure it was severe allergies! she gave me a heavy duty steroid shot yay?and finally yesterday afternoon, i noticed easier, less painful breathing. and by the night, i was feeling super good! praise the lord! so, i will be indoorsy any time it's high wind and pollen, ya heard?

i asked elijah if he wanted the rest of my strawberries, he whispered "voltron force. marshmallow." in reply. this is my life.
and i love it. elijah gets super cuddly in the evenings. praise jesus for melatonin!
it doesn't keep him asleep, but it has changed our lives and given much rest by helping him to settle and go to sleep. for at least a few hours :)

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  1. you're such a pretty lady. xoxo

  2. Hannah! That dip sounds amazing!

  3. Sorry to hear about the allergies :( oldest and I have bad allergies at diff times of the year. Right now our humidity is awful so I'm not staying out long today!!
    Cutie Elijah and cutie you - always love your mail :)
    and YAY for shop sales!!!

  4. Hi friend,
    I want to squish you today.
    And that little book of devotionals is the cutest. Must find it.
    Also, language development is amaze balls. You really appreciate it when it comes at its own pace.

  5. I mean, if your speech is going to start making progress, requesting ice cream seems like the way to go. Great job Elijah, you smarty pants!!!

  6. glad your enjoying summer! love the photos and yeah for ice cream :) and now i need that dip.

  7. Looks like a very enjoyable summer on your horizon indeed :) Hooray for Elijah's speech progress! Love what he's yelling from the stoop!