Friday, June 14, 2013

wham bam instagram

elijah was so excited to take photos with me this week. obviously.

my two favorite colors.
i took a little drive after my walk yesterday i walk downtown, and drive to the country and i was overwhelmed by the beauty of the day. i'm always sobered up when i stop and soak up god's creation. as i've been turning my eyes to him i've felt convicted about all the energy i waste. yesterday i was reminded that this is the day. every day is a brand new day to love. to be grateful. to forgive, to rejoice, to encourage someone, to accept god's comfort. to stop complaining. lord, help me.

p.s. harsh winter may not be your jam, but you really need to experience a north dakota summer once in your life! bliss, glorious, heavenly, relaxing, colorful are the words that come to my mind. visit me.

the color pop necklaces are a super favorite in my shop and i finally made one for myself! that was before i had this crazy busy couple of days. you know it's bad when you're in between errands, have the worst headache and remember you never had lunch! good thing i bought pistachios at target ;)

i recently discovered that the cute pizza place two blocks down has gluten free options. praise the lord, it's amazing!!! patrick took me out for a late lunch and we had a great time. i love sitting with him and talking about everything and nothing. he's my favorite. we'll be celebrating him being the very best papa on sunday!

elijah has been enjoying the summer program at his special school. only three more days to go and then it's party time! i see plenty of swimming, sliding and sweating in our future.

have you seen what's new in the shop? i've also been working on a few pretty custom projects. if you have a special event or gifts coming up, i'd love to work with you!

happy friday! are you on instagram? i'm @wifeysinger, come say hello!
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  1. I want to come visit you!! Yay for pizza, too. I had my first pizza in months this week & it was delicious. :)

  2. I would love to come visit you! Happy weekend!

  3. Every day is a brand new these words! It's just so easy to get bogged down in the everyday isn't it? And it looks gorgeous in your part of the world. It's getting hot and brown here in AZ. Summer is not my fave season! I'll just try to hold onto the winter memories! Enjoy your weekend!
    Laura @