Tuesday, June 04, 2013

it feels like a monday.

we went away for a quick little overnight. odd to me how a brief trip can throw us off this much. time will tell how affected elijah's week will be. praying for a smooth return to routine. he did absolutely marvelous on the mini vacation! so proud of him, and so strengthened to try again very soon. 
praise jesus!

here's a few recent phone pics to catch up a little.

i got to babysit my nieces last weekend. hazel was so excited about it.

seriously, i don't know funnier girls than my sister's hazel and ivy. for real.

lots of rain. it's beginning to feel endless. but i love the way it makes the streets look at night.

rainy days mean inside things like toy aisle browsing. elijah is a professional target shopper, i think.

when the rain does take a break, it's like the sky is on fire. 

our little trip was down the road to fargo. the hotel had a pool and elijah was completely overwhelmed with excitement. it was exhausting for all, but some super good laughs happened and sweet memories were made. worth it.

thank the lord peter pan was on the tv. this is what it looks lke to watch a movie with elijah. so relaxing.

long day of swimming and playing around town means the gift of an early bedtime. hallelujah.

we visited the little zoo. elijah only tried to jump into an exhibit once, so that was a plus. and the petting zoo was a big hit. elijah loves horses!!

fake horses were less appealing. elijah preferred the bench on the carousel. and his favorite part of the ride was studying the movement of how the carousel was working. such a little engineer!

ok, y'all. i met an instagram friend while we were in fargo!! dear penny and her super cute family are so genuine and kind. we loved meeting them, having lunch together and visiting their church! the service was a blessing, and they even made a place for elijah to enjoy kid's church with a special helper. it was all so wonderful and really meant so much to worship and know that elijah was cared for and understood. praise jesus!

what have you been up to?


  1. hi hannah... the look on elijah's face on that carousel is so sweet ♥ we've been up to dance recitals and field day over here... hope you're having a great week!

  2. hi sweet hannah! miss you. we have had all three kids going with spring activities...i can't believe how busy it makes us! and you would be totally proud of Levi taking a hip-hop class and lovin' it...who knew? your niecey girls are gorgeous and Hazel looks JUST like Linnea:)

    rejoicing with your family as you take a little breather, celebrate anniversaries, and enjoy your boy!

  3. i am loving your black and white pics these days.
    you may or may not see me attempting to copy cat that this week.

    also, i really love seeing your little fam on your mini vacay.
    it's great to see you guys out and exploring together. :) i am soo very happy you guys got to do that.

    and looking at the gears in the carousel is my ABSOLUTE favorite part.

  4. what a fabulous weekend. i'm so glad you got to worship worry free. Praise Jesus indeed!!!


  5. Love the first picture! So cute : )

  6. Oh my goodness!! Hazel and Ivy are adorable!! And your photos are so beautiful! Like Kim, I love your black and whites especially.

  7. you've got some seriously pretty pictures going on here. your littlest niece (is that one hazel?) looks so much like you! boo rain, but yay to cool bokeh. hoping your week is unexpectedly stress-free. xoxo.

  8. Good for you for making a getaway a priority! Travel with ASD kids can be a trick, but it's definitely worth it! Yay for family memories!

  9. Ok, I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your comment about how relaxing it is watching a movie with E is.
    Kinda reminds me of my attempts of watching tv with my kids in the same room. Which is why I don't watch tv lol :) so glad you were able to get away for a bit. :)

  10. oh, hazel is darling.

    it is 100 degrees here today. send your rain this way.

    what a treat to meet an instagram friend. i bet she was blessed meeting sweet you!

  11. hannah that last part makes my heart happy!!

    also- watching movies with jake is similar. sigh.