Monday, June 10, 2013

hey, monday. hey!

it's a brand new week, praise jesus for fresh starts and new mercies!

patrick goes back to work tomorrow. i sometimes wish he could just stay home with me all the time. 
ok, i wish that every day :)
next week elijah finishes his summer school program and a new therapy schedule begins. his hours are being cut drastically. 
we're confident that the lord will provide as much help as he needs and use these few hours mightily to grow elijah well!

we've had one sunny day amid fifty stormy ones. at least it feels like fifty.
the sun will come.

i read this today in one of my fave devotionals:
"...thy lord, who sees the end from the beginning,
hath purposes for thee of love untold.
then place thy hand in his and follow fearless,
till thou the riches of his grace behold.
there, when thou standest in the home of glory,
and all life’s path ties open to thy gaze,
thine eyes shall see the hand which now thou trustest,
and magnify his love through endless days."
freda hanbury allen


we're passing the rainy days with painting and playdoh. and lots of messes.
looking forward to the coming sunshine, swimming and sidewalk chalk!

what are you excited about this week?

joining in here today, come say hi!


  1. I am excited today that I only work weekends. I am home all week with my girls and they are already little tan girls. Slip n slide, picnics, nail polish, and basketball camp! I love summer.

  2. hi friend. happy monday. :)

    our skies and ground look just like your rainy day pic today.
    i'm kinda excited about it. and surprised. RAIN!?!
    hoping it's more than just a blip on the doppler. :)

    love you.

  3. I know how you feel, wanting Patrick to be home with you. This season of Gabe being in school and me not working has been sweet and I know I'll cherish it- especially once baby comes and he's working 12 hour shifts and I'm all by myself with a crying bebe for a whole day. I'm sure I'll cherish it in 30 years, too. :)

    Um, I don't know what I'm excited about this week- one week closer to meeting baby? That's always a good one. :)

  4. I'm excited about getting closer to closing on our first house! Looooove the picture with the storm & the trees- gorgeous!

  5. I'm excited about having 4 days off, with no plans at this point. That means possibilities. And I'm hoping to edit some photos so I can create a mini book full of memories from our recent trip to San Diego.
    laura @

  6. i love rainy days ... i too wish my husband could stay home is much easier with a side kick : )

  7. New week...big sigh and big gulp. I always find there's an adjustment period for sure after hubs and I have been together a lot and then he has to go back to a work routine ...
    Sometimes the rain is so beautiful (but I know it gets old, too!)
    Love the heart garland in the background - is it felted? Been checking those out lately : )

  8. I love that first photo especially. It looks fresh and screams new mercies. Praying the new schedule goes well for your boy. And how can we figure out a way for our husbands to get paid just to be with us?!

  9. Send the storms my way please :D We've had nothing but sunshine for the past 2 months.... which is lovely, but our plants, tree's and grass are taking a serious beating. It did rain yesterday but now it's gone... for probly another 2 months :(

  10. hope you're having a great week, hannah!