Thursday, June 13, 2013

grab a cuppa and check these out

a few things i'm loving this week:

ruth at grace laced stole my heart with this recipe. can hardly wait to make some!

we have this print in our bathroom and i'm especially grateful for it lately. 

so needed this post on enjoying not enduring.
"are you at an end of yourself? 
do you live with a hidden list of expectations of what a good mom does? 
when you fail your kids or your husband, what is your reaction?"

is it weird to want one of these baby swaddle blankets. for myself?

this tweet was so encouraging and convicting.

if you're a hobbit fan like me! then you'll love this.

your turn! 
tell me something great you've noticed this week!


  1. I have that Zephaniah print in my sons bedroom. Love it! This post on being a mom was a much needed read this week!

  2. sign me up for some cherry limeade!