Friday, May 10, 2013

ten hours + ten photos = proof of a good day

time for school!

"be strong, he has not failed you in all the past, 
and will he go and leave you to sink at last?
no, he said he will hide you beneath his wing; 
and sweetly there in safety you then may sing." 

i believe that i shall look upon the goodness of the lord in the land of the living! wait for the lord ; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the lord! psalm 27:13-14

beginnings of teacher gift assembly (prints from one of my fave shops)

new hand soap. favorite brand, because it pumps all the way to the end of the soap!

prepping elijah's lunch.

a plant from elijah for mother's day. possibly a juice box plant, because his therapist said "say happy mother's day!" and he replied "juice box!"

put away little shirts.

happy, sweet smelling mail.

took my working husband a treat. extra whip is his fave.

play around with new shop stuff until elijah comes home!

happy friday!
linking up my ten here, check it out!


  1. Wishing I was on your delivery route for mochas!

  2. Happy Friday! I'm having coffee envy:-)

  3. Love your set -- my favorite so far!! I could almost taste the strawberries and smell the yummy candle! Have a great weekend!

    1. Teacher gifts! Good thinking. I've forgotten about that for end-of-year. I gave Hunter's teacher's your necklaces for Christmas and they wear them almost every day. I'll never be able to top that!

  4. i love your son's little expression and his sweet mother's day gift to you! i also can't wait to see what you're making with the pretty beads... great set!

  5. if those are the teacher's gift. i want to be e's teacher. and how do you drop him off at school when he is looking so gosh darn adorable??? xoxo

  6. there is a whole lot of beauty in your ordinary.
    i think it's you rubbing off on everything around you. ;)

    love you friend.

  7. I love the juice box plant, I'm not sure what that is? Excellent!

  8. that is one sweet little boy right there. i love the strawberries and that soap is my favorite, too. happy weekend and have a fantastic mother's day!!

  9. happy ten-ing, and happy mother's day, hannah!

  10. I love so many of these but #7 is one of my favorites for this month. I have highlighted it in a post on my blog and included a link back to your whole set.

    Thanks for sharing these photos, they are great.

  11. Love all the creativity in your day and the simple pleasures!! Taking my husband coffee is such a fun thing to do.

  12. love your 10's and once again i