Friday, May 31, 2013


hey there. i hope you enjoyed all the beautiful 'love, mama' posts this month. i absolutely loved having my friends share with you. take some time to catch up on their encouraging words, you'll be so glad you did!

elijah pretends so well and often lately. what a joy to see!! whatever was happening here was super serious, that's all i know. i also know that we got elijah a new little table. it's small and can fold up flat. we thought it'd be good to keep in his bedroom, so he could do art or playdoh in there. well. he loves the table. and he wants it to go wherever he goes. playing in the bedroom? bring the table. moving on to the living room? drag that table. in the kitchen? yep. here comes the table. it's funny, in an exhausting sort of way.

our usual, lots of dancing and singing. 

my sweet husband has asked for chopsticks every week for two years. i finally found some we liked! these are from here and i think they're wonderful.

i love living downtown, and i love being close to the country. every now and then, the two meet, right outside my door?

grateful for a lot of love celebrating one year of my etsy shop! THANK YOU! and thanks for the little break, we're open now and you can save 10% with code SUMMER10.

my little sweetheart boy. i just love him. 
beginning today we're on 'vacation'. patrick has some time off and we're looking forward to doing a bunch of nothing. together. and maybe, just maybe, we'll make our way down to the zoo or some such activity! i mean, we're free as birds!

what are your weekend plans?
happiest friday to you!


  1. hi friend. happy weekending to you. :)
    plans are up in the air. :)

    enjoyyyyyyy your vacation staycation. :)

  2. Enjoy your vacation! Together with the table, I presume:-)

  3. What's the chopsticks request all about??
    Love my camera necklace!! Gave my daughter the freebie -of course we still share it all 'cuz we love your goodies, and my kids love your suckers, lol. One time we scored four suckers in one package - every child rejoiced!!!
    and precious about the table! Priceless.

  4. No plans here! Maybe the beach?
    I love how your EG is wild and free, and free to be.

  5. i hope you are having the sweetest, restful-est vacation. i ADORE those chopsticks. and you.