Thursday, May 16, 2013

oh, elijah grey

i love the way you are you.

you carry christmas in your heart. every piece of mail is a "present" and holiday tunes are your favorite to sing. please always be this way.
you care so much for your transformers watch. you seem to think it has special powers. and it probably does when you wear it.
you try so sweetly to ask for marshmallows, using words. and after fifty tries, when i still don't understand what you're desperately trying to communicate, you don't give up. i soon figure it out, and we both laugh. 
you come home from therapy, running and yelling charlie!! then ask "where's papa?" for the rest of the night.
you make sure every door in the house is closed and every light turned on. and that i have my coat. even when it's seventy degrees out. and i'm only getting the mail.
you have favorite pages in favorite books, tracing every word and illustration as if you're reading them in a more beautiful way than i know how.

i love that 
bacon cheers you up.
you call pancakes cupcakes
you love wearing my shoes and scarves, and papa's hats. 
you like bugs, reptiles and speckled frogs. almost as much as transformers.
when you see something you think is great, you say "wow! dat's pre-eee nice!" or "oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!"
you make me laugh and cry harder than i knew i could. 
through the privilege of being your mama, i've learned to pray better and more. and about how grace really works. so thank you.

if i could go back and somehow have my old dreams granted, i'd pass up the chance. because what the lord does through your little life is more precious to me than anything i'd imagined. you're a champion boy and i'm super grateful to be your mama.


  1. Well, now I'm all teary. You slay me Hannah. I love your sweet soul.

  2. love, love, love, love, LOVE. you AND him, and this amazing mama-son thing that ties us all up together.

    you are so much joy, hannah. and that eg is a treasure of a boy.

  3. love this, hannah girl! you are a good mom.

    also miles calls mail "paperwork". like, "can i have some paperwork please". and then carries it EVERYWHERE. like even the bath. so.

  4. YOU are a champion mama.
    also i love this post.
    my most favorite thing ever is to pull out my baby book and read all the funny things i said and did when i was little. i'm so glad my mom wrote down just a few of those things.

    keep writing posts like this.
    i know mr e will love to read them later.
    and so will you.

  5. OH GEEZ CRY MY EYES OUT NOW. when you said he makes you cry and laugh harder then you knew you could I was like "YEP know how that is (ivy and hazel have made me guffaw and sob within minutes most days.....)"

    and then when you said you wouldn't go back and have old dreams granted I also cried because I realized that of course we don't want old dreams granted because then EG wouldnt be where and who he is today the little goofy sweetie!!!!!!!!!! love little EG!


  6. I love that bacon cheers him up. It cheers me up too!

  7. he is the sweetest. i like that bacon cheers him up ... we'd be good friends ... i feel the same way ;)

    and yah for christmas song all year long : )

  8. Love you EG! Love you hannah banana! {you should know I still sing the Gwen S. song so that I can spell bananas}

  9. Your words are beyond sweet and stop and make me think of my little guy and all the things I'm thankful for on our own autism journey. And what is it with bacon? :) I'm sure my sons teachers question often why I send him to school with bacon three out of five days a week. :) What a beautiful post!

  10. I love this! You're such a sweet mama.

  11. Beautiful seeing life through Elijah's eyes! :)