Wednesday, May 01, 2013

mightee kids!

we recently heard about this awesome tee shirt company
purchase or subscribe and get the package in the mail.
open the box, read the brochure together, and discuss actions.
talk about how $5 from your purchase was donated to help the cause of the month.

we love what mightee kids is about!
from their site:

"We want to inspire kids to love others who are less fortunate. We want them to act on what they learn. We feel that this genuine care for others starts at home, taught by parents who also know how to love and care for others. Our packages are meant to provide an experience in which parents can sit down and teach their kids of how other kids need their help. We want to not only help them donate to others, but we want to guide them to continue to keep giving and loving for their unfortunate friends. We want to develop Mightee Kids that help others, one tee at a time."

during april their darling blue "i will thrive" tees supported autism society.

as a mother to an autistic, i know how helpless some days can feel. 
i also know how incredibly autism has blessed us! knowing that more and more people are learning about something that makes elijah special is encouraging. awareness is wonderful, but acceptance is what we hope for. mightee kids and their efforts to educate and love others is inspiring! you can get a cute tee for your kids or a friend plus be blessing someone else at the same time. that's money well spent, yes?

i'm looking forward to seeing this month's tee and charity!


  1. he is just too cute, hannah!

  2. he's so lucky to have you as a mama.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and have spent the last hour reading tons of your posts! I love it. I adopted my little guy right around the same time you adopted your Elijah. He has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and I've found such inspiration and support from Autism mamas. They seem to get all the sensory stuff the best. Well and they just rock! Anyways I'm rambling but just know I love your blog and I'm your newest follower on bloglovin. Thanks so much!

    Jessie @ Then I Laughed

  4. darlingest little tee! (on an evenMORE darling elijah.) double love.