Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'love, mama' series | lindsay michael

this month i'm celebrating motherhood with sweet words from some of my favorite people. today my sweet friend lindsay is here with some helpful encouragement. love her!

Well, hey there.

Can I just say that I really love how IG has been such a great community and social outlet? Especially for moms meeting other like-minded mommas. Because, let's be honest; it's not like we have time to run around and make new best friends in between nap schedules and making dinner. Am I right? Always. 

Just kidding. 

But seriously, I love it. I love that the Creator of heaven and earth who made us - chose for us to be here during the age of social media. Right?

As a mom at 30 (started at 19), I guess I may have learned a thing or two. One being that I never suggest becoming a mom at the age of 19. Ha! Only by the grace of God are my kids so amazing. I haven't read any other mom posts, so I hope I'm not to preachy. Mainly, I'm just going to repeat the grace of God. That's the key. 

A lesson I've learned recently? Probably the importance of learning your children's love languages. Most kids have all 5 to be honest, but at least 2 will stand out. I've been learning how to balance three babies, distribute my time and doing the thing that makes each child feel most loved; and it goes a long way. If its taken me far too long to get teething Poppy back to sleep - and it has interfered with time spent with Hayden; just playing 'babies' for 15 minutes and scratching her back at bedtime equates to 3 hours in her mind.

How sweet and fun memories are made?
I love finding things that are free. Money does buy things. But the best memories - I think, are free. We love picnics at the park and playing volleyball in the backyard. Granted, we use the clothes line and a cheap red plastic ball but its volleyball nonetheless. Also, camping. All. Summer. Long. At least till it gets stupid hot. 

How do I pray for my children? 
When I pray with them at bed I usually talk about the day, and always thank the Lord for something specific. Our children learn so much about us when we pray and I believe they will always remember it. I also usually thank Him for making me their mommy. I want them to know that in their hearts. 

Ways I stay grounded?
Some days it's too much iced coffee. What? Community is key. Being honest with a close friend or your husband when you get overwhelmed is so important. It's a lesson I relearn often. Quiet time is also essential, and even that can get overlooked. I think the main thing is to constantly be reminded of our need for a Savior, and that our babies are a gift - but they are ultimately His. 

My favorite ways I hang with my kids?
See above. I love being outdoors and I love that my kids do. I will mention I was married at a young age, and my bigger kids have a different dad. Split parenting can be tough with  weekends and such - but it's finally settling down. Now that I have a 10 month old, it's so tricky dividing all my attention but we make it work! Again, grace. Always grace. And I have an amazing husband. I'm convinced if you raise your kids camping they will forever love adventure. If you can learn to rough it you will go far in life. 

Something that surprised me about motherhood? 
Everything. Motherhood is hard. Our human tendency is selfish. I've really sucked at being a mother at times. Probably daily. But we learn so much about ourselves. Also, we don't just randomly have these little people. The Lord specially chose each one with his or her own personality and heart, just for us. He knows best.

How do I find joy in difficult days?
Some mornings before school if we are running late, someone forgot to do homework, or I've been up all night with the baby and all I want to do is cry...I remind myself of truth. Or play 'good day sunshine' by the Beatles on the way to school, and get a Venti iced coffee at Starbucks. Do those things.

Best advice for new moms?
I hope you're not 19. Haha! Kidding. Kidding. Pray for your babies. Speak words of life and light. Love your husband. Seriously, date him. I cannot say enough how vital it is as moms to have a good healthy relationship with our husbands. Our kids watch us constantly. It makes for a peaceful home and there many things our children learn from watching us. Also, have a healthy sex life after baby. I'm serious. Can I say that, Hannah? Ha!!

Tips for organization or letting go of perfection?
I'm not the most organized and I am not a type A. But I'm very much a believer that less is more. Clutter bogs down our minds and we don't function as well. I use the rule: if I haven't used it in 5 months I never will - so I get rid of things. Like, the opposite of a hoarder. And as humans we all try to people please and strive for perfection, but as we grow up we learn how silly it is. He perfects us in our imperfections. I don't remember that all the time but I post truths in front of my face. I surround myself with people who speak life into me. 

Is this the longest post ever?




  1. Love Lindsay! Thanks for the reminder of grace, we'll camp with you and my husband thanks you for that advice! ;)

    Such a good series.

  2. i wish lindsay had a blog. hint, hint. : )

    love this. and her. and you, hannah rose.