Tuesday, May 07, 2013

'love, mama' series | casey wiegand

this month, i'm celebrating motherhood with some sweet words from a few of my favorite people. today my friend casey is here with peeks into her mothering and encouragement for you!

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-a lesson i've learned recently
I am learning slowly, balance. and how to soak in these moments that are speeding by with every breath.

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-sweet and fun memories made
butterfly kisses. cookies in the oven. staying up past bedtime. one on one dates. picnics as a family

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-how i pray for my children
I pray for their hearts and for their souls. I pray that they will be brave with their lives and their stories. I pray that they will know and love Jesus the way I have experienced Him.

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-how to stay grounded in the midst of busy schedules
give yourself grace!

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-my favorite way to hang out with my kids
I love creating with them. Creating art. creating recipes. exploring, learning, growing. And capturing it as much as possible.

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-something that surprised me about motherhood
I have been surprised how quickly it goes. Everyone tells you that, but it truly is slipping through my fingertips.

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-how i find joy in the difficult days
I think of others who are struggling and facing great trials, it always brings great perspective.

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-best advice for new mothers
Don't listen to other people. You are their mama, be confident in what you feel and think is best.

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-tips for keeping organized, or letting go of perfection :)
I stay organized with a big calendar and a lot of google docs!


  1. I am so glad Casey said not to listen to other people. This is always my best advice. You know your baby better than anyone, possibly better than yourself. You know the difference in their whine that something is wrong and their cry that is something wrong.

    And, yes, it does truly slip your fingers. I just registered my second for kindergarten, and I puddled up with tears afterward.


  2. yes. love the advise to other mothers ;)

  3. cute pix.

    it does go fast.

    grace is a necessity! wouldn't it be nice if we could bottle it up and give it mama's to be at their baby showers! awww, but God. thankfully His grace is sufficient and his Spirit leads us to need it, walk in it, and extend it (especially to ourselves and our kiddos).

  4. Such great advice. And I could look at Casey's pics for days. Just beautiful.