Thursday, May 30, 2013

'love, mama' series | carissa graham

this month i'm celebrating motherhood with some sweet words from a few of my favorite people. today my darling friend carissa is here with beautiful encouragement to choose grace.


Meet Grace. A newly single mom of a five and two year old. Her husband neglected his vows, had an affair, and abandoned his life. Instead of becoming bitter, discontent, and hateful, Grace was compelled by the mercy of Christ to share His love to her greatest enemy...

One morning, while on the way to work, before dropping her kids off to school and daycare, Grace made a slight detour. She dropped off a Bible on someone's doorstep, dropped the kids off, went to work, and continued her day, just trying to survive as a single mom.

That doorstep belonged to the woman that her husband ran off with. Grace showed the woman that helped crush her marriage the opposite of what she felt like showing her. 

Grace was compelled by her faith to choose love over anger, peace over distress, mercy over vengeance.

This Grace is really my mom. Those kids were my brother and I. This act of love displayed by my mom is forever ingrained in my mind and continues to be the most profound earthly example, aside from the Cross, of the life-changing, forgiveness through Christ's generous grace.

I grew up making my own lunches, getting picked up by my grandma or going to a friend's house after school. My mom was busy, working full-time, trying to make ends meet. I always heard about the mom's who didn't have to work, who were on the field-trips, there each afternoon, and for a few minutes I wish for that life. Yet,  my mom has given me something greater than packed lunches or being at home everyday after school.  My mom showed me the power of forgiveness in a real, life-altering, sacrificial way; my mom showed me Christ. 

After the Bible was dropped off on that doorstep, a lot transpired. My dad married the woman, and then shortly thereafter, he died of a very aggressive cancer. Through that turmoil, that Bible fell into place as a comfort to my step-mom. She became a Believer and even friends with my mom. Choosing forgiveness and grace is always always always glorious and worth it.

Maybe you are a mom just trying to make ends meet, maybe your life isn't as you hoped it'd be. Maybe you've been sinned against, abandoned, heartbroken. I beg you, choose grace. Choose forgiveness. It's always worth it. Your life will bring much glory to Christ because of it and you just might be a huge testimony to your kids through it. because, after all, showing our kids Christ is the best thing we can ever do for them.


  1. Her grace, ability to forgive and example she set are amazing! It's always hard to be a single parent, but it seems like you turned out pretty awesome to me :)

  2. beautiful. i need some of that grace to rub off on me. :-)

  3. oh my, carissa.
    this is such a beautiful story.
    the power of the cross and the Gospel in action is SO very amazing!
    thank you so much for sharing.

    1. thanks for reading, Mary. i am always amazed by His grace at work.

  4. Carissa, this is BEAUTIFUL! You are a wonder. Thanks for sharing.

  5. wise words that are often so hard to live by - thank you for your example!

  6. thanks, sweet hannah, for having me today. you are a blessing.

  7. Made me bawl like a baby. Seriously the best example of grace, in a modern broken world, I can think of. Just beautiful.

  8. I know I've heard you tell this before but I love it again. Beautiful beautiful picture of God's grace!! Your babies are so blessed to have you and your Mama as Godly examples in their lives!

  9. This may be one of the most beautifully real things I've ever read. Thank you Carissa for sharing a bit of your mom with us!

  10. Carissa, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  11. wow. what a powerful testimony

  12. What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story of grace.