Wednesday, May 15, 2013

'love, mama' series | becky wilson

this month, i'm celebrating motherhood with some sweet words from a few of my favorite people. today my sweet friend becky is here with wisdom on the importance of prayer for our children.

Hi, friends of Hannah! I’m Becky, and I was both confused and honored when that precious lady asked me to guest post here. Confused because I’m not very good at this. :-D But incredibly honored because she loves and encourages and finds value in me anyway. Everyone needs a friend like that!

Her series title “Love, Mama” spoke right to my heart and made it easy for me to agree to participate. I have 2 little girls, Macy (11) and Grace (9). They are 2 of the sweetest joys of my life for so many reasons, AND they are possibly my greatest prayer motivation as well.

Here’s why. I mean, let’s just go ahead and get this out on the table, shall we? Apart from Christ, I am a terrible mother. Selfish. Lazy. Prideful. Envious. You name a sin, and my wicked heart can find a way to embrace it. Hence, I have an absolute addiction to grace and an utter craving for prayer.

And so, with that in mind, here is my very best parenting advice. I’m no expert on this (or really much of anything), but I think I might have the silver bullet. Are you ready? Here it is:

Never stop praying. Ever. Begin before you open your eyes in the morning and fall asleep in the middle of prayer at night. (It’s just that simple and yet oh so difficult, right?)

The hedge of protection we create for our children through this one activity trumps any other attempt at keeping them safe, including our very embrace. Just as importantly, it places us right at the foot of the cross where we belong, which is the only place to find true hope for our children and peace and comfort for our own hearts. May we pursue Christ with all that we have as we seek to lead these young ones he’s entrusted us with, and may we realize that while it is important to provide for them and protect them physically, we should cry out all the more relentlessly for the protection of their hearts.

This is one of my favorite prayers. I’d love to hear some of yours as well. Lord, teach us to lead our children straight to the cross by running straight toward it as they follow us.

For My Kids. . .

. . . I pray huge prayers of thanks to God for sharing them with me.
. . . I pray that they will never grow tired of hugging me or holding my hand.
. . . I pray for wisdom and patience and unconditional love as I seek to raise them in a way that honors Christ.
. . . I pray that God will draw them closer to Him every single day of their lives.
. . . I pray that they will learn to chase after Jesus with all of their hearts.
. . . I pray for protection over their bodies.
. . . I pray for protection over their minds.
. . . I pray for protection over their hearts.
. . . I pray that they will learn at an early age to pursue holiness with much more focus than they pursue "success."
. . . I pray that their desire to be kind will trump their desire to be right.
. . . I pray for a growing love and respect toward each other.
. . . I pray for the ability to love the "least of these."
. . . I pray boldly against materialism and self-absorption.
. . . I pray for teachable spirits and tender hearts.
. . . I pray for the ability to deal with disappointment (although this one gives me a queasy feeling).
. . . I pray that when suffering comes, they will cling with all their might to Jesus (although this one makes me downright sick to my stomach).
. . . I pray that we will always have open and effective communication.
. . . I pray that they will always value relationships over "stuff."
. . . I pray for wise choices.
. . . I pray that they will understand early in life how to hold possessions with an open hand.
. . . I pray that giving and sharing and serving will bring them joy.
. . . I pray for Godly husbands in their future.
. . . I pray for happiness and confidence in being single until those Godly men come along. 
. . . I pray for special friends throughout their lives who will encourage and enhance their Christian walk.
. . . I pray that Scripture will come alive inside their hearts during moments of critical choice throughout their lives.
. . . I pray that they will hear me say "I love you", "I'm so proud of you", and "I'm sorry" thousands more times than they will hear anything negative from my lips.
. . . I pray that they will never question that I adore and respect their Dad.
. . . I pray for overwhelming grace. That they will understand their need for it. That they will learn to give it lavishly and receive it gratefully.
. . . I pray for joy whether or not there is always "circumstantial happiness."
. . . I pray for self-confidence that comes not from individual accomplishments, but from recognizing their identity in Christ and his approval of them.
. . . I pray that they will become Gospel-focused women.
. . . I pray that they will become women of prayer.


  1. I love the phrase 'hedge of protection'! Amen!

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