Friday, May 24, 2013

instagram | black and white, and read all over

elijah has been calling me 'mama' this week! pretty consistently, and super sweetly. he hasn't stopped running to 'charlie' yet though. and truly, i hope he never will.

another little ritual, spreading blankets and rolling each other up into cozy burritos. and laughing a lot, because hey, it's pretty funny :)

it rained for days and days. i was so surprised to find myself enjoying it. the best part is, there's green grass everywhere now! finally!

my street at night. one of my favorite sights.

you know those meals that require you to start prepping in the early afternoon? well, yesterday, i forgot. and naturally my first response to that realization was sweat pants and a fresh pot of coffee. i mean, if i'm gonna take it easy, i'm gonna go all out. so, it was quick and simple chicken with rice instead.

i'm really working on embracing the camera with elijah. he's been pretty excited about it lately! except for last night. less excited, more like "no. just no." and possibly he didn't appreciate my singing? this pic makes me laugh obnoxiously loud, because it reminds me of this skit

happy friday!  

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  1. oh what a fun week! i haven't been by in while - love the new blog design :)

    i always love the rain - nice shot!
    visiting from life rearranged. xoxo

  2. c'mon, that last picture? the best. i want to marry it. xoxo

  3. these black and whites are beauts.

    also, EG is WAYYYY too tall, too fast.
    make that stop. PRONTO.

  4. HAHAH! Is that his little hand blocking your mouth? Oh goodness. xo

  5. YES, hysterical!! That skit is hilarious and I did have to look twice at your pic : )

  6. This has got to be one of the best pictures of a mom with her son I've ever seen. I just love it! :) Frame worthy for sure! I also love that he's calling you "mama", yet you're still hearing "charlie" as well. Makes my heart sing!

  7. Ok... seriously? That last picture makes me so happy!

  8. You all are just too cute. So glad that we've connected on Instagram and through blogging. ♥

  9. love that photo! my kiddos dont appreciate my signing either...they are really missing out :)