Monday, May 20, 2013

hey there, monday

oh my. this child. he asks "say cheese??" i give him the phone, and takes photos of himself. sometimes they turn out. always they're solid gold treasures.

speaking of treasure, we don't want to lose this sweet rascal of a boy. he still has times of running off and wandering. praise the lord for his protection over him! we're looking for ways to keep him easily identified should be actually get away from our sight. one way we've come up with is a cute little dog tag style necklace. it's stamped with his name and number and psalm 121:8 "the lord will keep your going out and coming in, from this time forth and forevermore." we are super pleased, and elijah seems to love it as well! mary was such a joy to work with. her shop is filled with sweet, faith inspired pieces that you simply must own. and seriously, her packaging alone ought to send you right over to shop!

yep. i'm still telling him.
and glory to god, he's using my journey out of food and sugar addiction to encourage others. my new friend melissa made this perfect wood sign for me. it's the very best reminder to have in  your home.  and she has them for sale in her lovely shop! resisting temptation and sin is no easy task. and there is hope for you! the devil is a liar, and jesus is your strength. believe it.

i guess this is "things i love" monday, because i have one more thing to show y'all.
this place has super cute ways to put your instagram feed in print. we made a few mini books(which are also magnetic!) to send along for mother's day gifts. huge hit, of course. get some!

elijah's class had a field trip scheduled to the coolest park in town. we were so excited to tag along. sadly, they were rained out. i took the time to grab a few groceries and enjoy the peace. our town is always cute, but i especially love it in the rain. is that weird?

happy monday, friends!
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i'm selling my used, but incredibly well cared for dslr camera bag. $85 or best offer + actual shipping. usa only. NO LONGER AVAILABLE, thank you!
i purchased it two years ago and have loved it so much. i'm looking to downsize, and hope it can benefit another dear soul.
the bag has minimal wear and is in like new condition. for more specific details, see the new product listing here.
email me if interested, or for additional photos! 


  1. LOVE EG's smile! He is a treasure indeed!

  2. TESTAMONIAL: The mini magnetic books are the jam! I loved getting mine of eg for mothers day!!!

  3. I wish I had eg selfies on my phone.

  4. EG is such a hoot....I love Social Print Studio, too!


  5. hi. i can't comment on your IG post.
    what on earth is going on on blogger.


    what a sweet way to keep tabs on your little one. :)
    praying he stays close. praising for the fact that God is keeping watch over him. :)

  6. those selfie photos are the sweetest!