Wednesday, May 22, 2013

celebrating one year | a BIG shop by wifey singer SALE

today we celebrate!!
and any proper celebration includes party favors. amiright?

but first, i have a few things to say :)

just over one year ago some tweets turned into text messages and emails.
plans were being made for a girlfriend trip to lake placid. it felt frivolous and completely impossible. we were neck deep in hectic schedules, little sleep, lots of stress and had skimpy bank accounts. last summer was hard. the last few have been, really. anyway
i mentioned the hope of going, to my husband, mostly just to speak it out loud. so i could just get over the disappointment of it not happening for me. he said something like, "well of course you're going, we'll make it work. you need to do it!" 
and i just knew, the lord would pave the way.
because god cares about our hearts and our need for fellowship. he loves weaving friendships through his kingdom. getting together with those girlfriends was something my soul needed. but how would he land me in lake placid?
long story short, after encouragement from friends to just do it. i did it. i opened my etsy shop. i'd never made jewelry in my life and i wasn't very confident. i'd made 27 pairs of earrings, and prayed that i would sell them all by september of last year. i prayed that god would help me sell to make up the extra money i needed to get to lake placid and help me to be content if it didn't work out. 

that's the first pair of earrings i sold last may. 

and i've sold over 600 pieces of jewelry on etsy since then and more for multiple special events. what the heck? is this real life? it is real life. and it's all by the grace of jesus. every single spec of my shop is because of him and for his glory. i have been able to take on extra missionary support AND pay for car repairs, groceries, doctors, clothes for my growing kiddo AND
i booked a trip for my husband to attend this conference. AND i am going on another girlfriend trip in august. holla! 

p r a i s e j e s u s
he knew we needed this shop, more than i did!
the time i spend dreaming up designs and color combos, putting together necklaces and inspecting beads for imperfections, decorating packages with washi tape, praying for the people who buy from me...that time is good. it's peaceful and productive. and often, it's a time of worship. god gave me any  bit of sense i have, and what a treat to praise him by actually using my gifts. 

now i order boxes, jewelry supplies and business cards in bulk. i never ever saw that coming.
i am still not sure i know what i'm doing all the time. but i'm learning more and more, and i've met so many darling folks through this adventure. the support of friends means so much, but many customers from all over the world! have bought from me and don't know me at all. and? the support of fellow handmade shop owners. what a delightful community!!!

thank you.
from the bottom of my sentimental heart, thank you for supporting handmade. thank you for supporting me and my family.

as a tiny way to show my appreciation for you:

may 22 and 23 you can save 25% off everything in the shop with code CELEBRATE
use code HAPPYDAYS for 30% until midnight central may 23!
including the sale section-which you'll want to visit, because a few items are priced low just for this celebration :)
that makes for some super sweet deals, y'all!

stop by facebook and instagram because i'll be doing some little giveaways and perhaps a flash deal or two :)


mini white gems are no longer available! new freebie, while they last:

this little cutie comes free with any purchase.
one per customer, while they last :)
just mention at checkout that you want the freebie!
no longer available 
use code HAPPYDAYS for 30% until midnight central may 23!

all items packaged together. if you require separate boxes, let me know at checkout!
i bet there's plenty of gift buying you could take care of with this sale!
be sure to pick up a treat for yourself, too :)

i just really love you all. xoxo!

i will sing to the lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me! psalm 13:6

p.s. the newest addition to the give back section:

i'm so grieved for the precious souls affected by the recent oklahoma tornado. in addition to prayers, you can help give
my friend alysa shared some great ways to give here
i have a small way to help as well: 
shop #handmadewithpurpose now through june 5th, $8 from every sale of this necklace will be donated to convoy of hope and their disaster relief efforts in moore, oklahoma. you can donate directly right here if you prefer. thanks, friends! 


  1. Hi Hannah! Just tried to use the coupon code in your store and it didn't work. Maybe it's just me, but it might be good to check out. Thanks :)

    1. becky! so sorry, it's all ready to go now ;) thanks! xo

  2. i'll be shopping in tomorrow. see what i did there. :)

  3. Happy One Year! It's been so fun to watch your shop grow! The Lord is blessing your generous, giving heart. One of my favorite things about your shop is the give back section. I just love that! And I love my little collection of wifeysinger pretties too (which I have a feeling may be growing in the next couple days...)

  4. Happy happy day, Hannah girl! You bless so many with your beautiful things!

  5. god is so good and you deserve all these blessings!

  6. Oh you beautiful soul. His light is shining bright through you my dear!

  7. I'm so happy for you. What a wonderful success your shop has been, and I'm not a bit surprised ;) You make beautiful things, and have a beautiful heart. Love you, sweet lady.

  8. Happy blog birthday, sweet hannah!

  9. you've come such a long way baby. :)
    remember when you sent me sample earrings?!?! :) i will always treasure that. f'realz.

    congrats on such an awesome year, and allowing the Lord to provide for you, he sure has provided you with some awesome blessings through your little shop. :) which is now a big shop. :)


  10. Happy, happy day to you, Hannah!! Enjoy celebrating one awesome year!

  11. I'm so excited for you! Praise God!

  12. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten that I bought your very first pair of earrings you sold!! I saw that pic and was like...those are my earrings!
    love you!

  13. Happy one year, my friend! I am inspired by your bravery and creativity!

  14. this post makes me so happy and proud and inspires me. love you.