Monday, May 06, 2013

around here

happy monday!

we've started love, mama. a new little series on motherhood! more to come throughout the month. don't miss a post!

fresh picks on my links to love page! anything online caught your eye this week?  do tell.

ok, friends. if you're interested in my "i'm over sugar" journey, i shared more about it on my good friend jami's blog on friday. glory to god for his continued faithfulness!

elijah and i were both a bit sick the last few days. it was nice to slow down a little and have some good "do nothing" time.

happy packages on their way! 
i'm taking a quick break from my shop this week...but i have a coupon code and chance to win a necklace here!

as i mentioned over the weekend. i am in love with the honest company products. can't wait to try different ones!

the river has risen more since this photo, but all is well so far.

we have had a few knockout sunny days. i usually try to make time in my errands for driving the long way, through the country. it's good to see the wide open spaces and breathe in some fresh air! safe to say(i hope!) that spring has sprung. 

how was your weekend? tell me your favorite part!

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  1. I always love your N.D. pics. Reminds me of my summer vacations there.

  2. driving the scenic way is so good and necessary sometimes.

  3. Girl...your post over at Jami's was THE BEST. Love you so much.

  4. the shoes! i am loving e's shoes. the bestest part of my weekend was meeting folks from my hubby's old church who helped plant a love for Christ and passion for global mission in his heart as a teen. so thankful.

    praying for you and your sweet family, and for wellness for your household. love you.

  5. You have such a great eye for beauty and photography, Hannah! I laughed myself silly seeing a Christian comedian this weekend... and God did a work in my life through it. :)

  6. I love all these happy pictures. Such beauty. my weekend was spent in the sunshine, basically unheard of in Oregon in May. :)

  7. You take wonderful pics girl! :-)

  8. off to read your sugar journey!