Friday, April 26, 2013

wham bam instagram! (aka insta-friday)

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hey, hey.
another weekend is upon us!

if you follow me on instagram, you know i enjoy a little 'throwback thursday' from time to time. 
i feel like we were 22 just last week. time flies when you're living a crazy life, i guess :) 

notes from my pops have no equal. he manages to edify even in the quickest little correspondence. 
i love that. and this quote really stung me. lord help me!

with my whole heart i seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! psalm 119:10

we're beginning to thaw out here in the still-sorta-frozen prairie land. soon this road will be closed and water will be up to the neck of those tress. pray with us that floods are minimal for us and nearby towns!

i restocked my lollipop supply. i include one in my orders. who says a sweet doesn't go with jewelry? i sure don't. i had a little moment when i opened this bag. first, i picked out a few cream soda flavored ones for myself, to enjoy on sundays. it hadn't been that long ago that i had a full bag like this. i'd given plenty out in orders and to elijah. but guess who wiped out most of them? that would be the old me. 

new me has lost twenty-two pounds, and doesn't mindlessly eat dum dums while packing orders.
t w e n t y t w o p o u n d s. 
praise jesus.

speaking of orders. there's a whole lot of color in the shop! would you like a coupon code? thought so.

i was so honored to be a part of meg's craft weekend recently. she shared about all of her awesome sponsors along with coupon codes-including one to my shop...check it out!

did you know that my shop has a newsletter now? sign up if you like sale previews and discounts :)

elijah is getting his hair cut today.
i will let you know how that turns out :)

happiest friday, friends! xo

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  1. 22 pounds AND 22 years old! You are a rock star.

    I'mk off to pray about that boy and his hair cutting follies.

  2. That quote is powerful. Congrats on the weight loss!

  3. Love all the colors of the new stuff! I saw your code at Meg's. Twenty-two pounds? That's amazing.

  4. TWENTY TWO POUNDS?!?! :) You amaze me. Keep up the GREAT work hannah girl. you've got this. Well Jesus does. and he's taking you along for the ride.

  5. I don't know how you get your pictures so big, but it is awesome!

  6. 22 pounds?!? Awesome-sauce!!!! Way to go Hannah!! <3 you!

  7. Love those colorful bobble necklaces!!! And 22 lbs, that's what I needed to drop before getting pregnant! : /
    you can encourage ME after baby is here!
    Good luck with haircut : )

  8. super cute necklaces, love the colors. and 22 pounds is awesome!!! happy weekend!

  9. 22 pounds. that's phenom. i'm PROUD of you.

  10. I LOVE the new necklaces! I'm really glad Mother's Day is in a couple weeks because that's what I'm buying for my boys to give me. Lucky me!

    And dude! 22 pounds! That's incredible! Way to go!

  11. twenty two pounds!!! way to go, girlie!

  12. Wow!! That's a lot of pounds! You go, girl!! :)