Friday, April 05, 2013

this and that, from instagram land

we celebrated elijah just a little bit extra on tuesday for autism acceptance day!

so, it's still winter. but if the sun is shining, i'm trying to get out and walk!

chicken and rice delight filled this dish, as it does almost every week. i love a delicious, simple dinner. my favorite recipe for this easy meal is from here. i like to add extra broccoli!

one of my favorite snacks. celery and tomatoes. i'm a fan of dipping it in brianna's ranch dressing, but sometimes i just have them plain. basically, i'm a health nut. also, i've found that if i prepare my healthier choices in a cute way, i will enjoy them more :)
today is day twelve without sugar. as i mentioned before, i'm allowing a small treat on sundays. this past sunday, i enjoyed vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. it was delicious, and i was shocked that i didn't want more. or want the easter candy that was flooding my home. i really felt like a champion.

yesterday was sunny and glorious. well, maybe glorious is a stretch, we never hit thirty degrees. but. the sun was shining! 

i was reminded of emily's embrace the camera project and tried to coax elijah into a photo. he's actually been interested in having his picture taken lately. yesterday though, he was silly as can be, bouncing all over me and spinning around and laughing. it was a great afternoon. finally, after forty something takes, we made it into the same frame. and it's my favorite.

happiest friday to you! 
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  1. I am in love with your casserole dish. So pretty. :)

    (visiting from insta-friday!)

    1. thanks, janet :) it's one of my faves!
      happy friday!

  2. you ARE a health nut! lol
    i love seeing your feet out walkin. go girl!

    1. yeah, girl! and can't wait to walk with YOU! #SEATTLE!

  3. That pic of you and your sweet boy is adorable!

    I love cute food. I think women eat with their eyes first. Cute food rocks!

    1. thanks, becky! love him so much.
      and HOORAY for cute food!

  4. Dear Hannah.

    I will start to tell, that im from Denmark - and im not very at english, so i hope you understand.
    I just read about you - "hello im hannah" and i just want ti telle you, that you have touched something in me - WOUW...what a storry - your life is.

    I dont have the same story - but a whole different one, and i know that life can be good and hardt.

    You look very happe, and thats so important - to di the best in life, even when it sucks.

    I admire you greatly, and whis you the best, in life - always.

    Hope you understand ;O) (whit a little help from google translate (*LOL) ;O)

    Love from

    1. darling, betina.
      you've made my day. loved reading your kind and encouraging words! that's why i believe in sharing parts of our stories with others. because we can all benefit, learn, relate and comfort through them! blessings to YOU! xo

  5. I always love your cute snacks, and pics !! Two sweet faces : )

  6. Love that comment from Betina! So sweet! I feel the same way :)
    Have a great weekend! I hope you get some sunshine and above 30 temps! :)

  7. you are a champion! and so is your elijah!!! i loved what you said on instagram on autism acceptance day. he couldn't have a better mommy in this journey. you are an inspiration. i also just told my friend who needed a gift to visit happy days. basically i told her that any other gift besides something from your store would be lame. and that is TRUTH. : )

  8. Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!

  9. i didnt think there was anything happier than that first picture of you and elijah.
    and then i saw the second one.
    and oh, i was wrong! :)

    more pictures of you guys please.
    i'm so glad to hear he is embracing the camera too! :) SWEETNESS.